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GB : Ferro-Alloy Resources - Various encouraging developments in feasibility study update

Ferro-Alloy Resources (FAR), backed by Sir Mick Davis, reported encouraging developments from the on-going Feasibility Study (FS) on the flagship Balausa project in Kazakhstan. Highlights for us include encouraging early findings from infill drillin....
Tom Price @ CGS-CIMB 1 July 2022

GB : Mining - Inventories high, demand craters…

The Restocking Indicator continues to report ‘Sell’, third month in a row – first time doing so since 2015. Key signal driver to date has been China’s high/sticky finished inventories. Now though, our short-term local demand measures have cratered t....
Tom Price @ CGS-CIMB 30 June 2022

GB : Strategy - Measuring successful marketing

I have an ambivalent relationship with marketing. On the one hand, I recognise that marketing is important for businesses to generate sales, but on the other hand, I feel like much of it is a waste of money. Or, as the saying goes: I know that half.....
CGS-CIMB Joachim
Joachim Klement @ CGS-CIMB 30 June 2022

Daily Credit Briefing

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UniCredit Sven
Sven Kreitmair @ UniCredit 30 June 2022

GB : Domino's Pizza - More bad news means this is a SELL

There is in effect no CEO (having resigned yesterday though he is there till Dec’22); there is no permanent CFO but then Domino’s does seem incapable of holding onto one for the past 4 years or so. The group’s strategy in our view is unambitious and....
Wayne Brown @ CGS-CIMB 30 June 2022

GB : Forward Partners - Well positioned to weather the storm

Forward’s FY21 results were in line with expectations with a group net asset value of 104p/share. As per the 20 June update, management expects the H1 Ventures portfolio value to decline significantly. We have assumed 30% in H1 and a further 15% in.....
Alex O’Hanlon @ CGS-CIMB 30 June 2022