Tellimer Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Anti-Bribery and Corruption Statement

Tellimer Limited (“Tellimer”) is committed to the prevention of financial crime such as money laundering and the funding of terrorist activity. Through risk-based internal procedures, policies, systems and controls, Tellimer strives to ensure that its management and staff around the globe maintain high standards of financial crime prevention and awareness.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Statement

Tellimer is committed to promoting ethical business practices across all of our business relationships.

Tellimer fully supports the requirements of the UK Bribery Act as well as similar high standard legislation in all regions in which we conduct business. Tellimer has implemented policies and procedures to ensure it is prepared, to the extent possible, to prevent and deter corrupt practices across our business relationships.

All Tellimer staff are trained to be aware of their responsibilities in respect of Anti-Bribery and Corruption and they are empowered to act as a first line of defence in the identification of any corrupt practices.

Tellimer maintains policies and procedures, which assist its businesses in monitoring and preventing potential Bribery and Corruption, and to deal with such practices appropriately if they are discovered.

Tellimer endeavours to conduct its business in accordance with established best practice in each of the countries in which it operates. Tellimer aims to be a responsible employer and adopts values and standards designed to help guide our staff in their conduct and business relationships. Tellimer recognises its responsibility and integrity in meeting best practice benchmarks when interacting with its employees, investors, customers, suppliers, regulators and other stakeholders. Tellimer deals with stakeholders in an open and co-operative way and is committed to full, transparent, accurate and timely disclosures. Tellimer communications are designed to encourage sustained and long-term mutually rewarding relationships. Tellimer operates a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct policy, which is approved by the Executive Management Committee.

For any questions concerning either of these topics, please contact: Brendan Leddy, Global Head of Risk and Compliance.

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