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Weekend Reading / Global

Covid-19: I’d still rather be in Africa, but maybe not next year

At the end of January, I stood beside Murchison Falls with my family, drenched in the spray of the world’s most power waterfall, and I reflected on how much can change in a generation. Comparing the modelled outcome for Africa in 2021 with the curren...
Tellimer Research Paul Domjan
Paul Domjan @ Tellimer Research 27 June 2020
Strategy Note / Global

Tourism: 'Staycation' buffer for some (India) more than others (Iceland) in EM

The risk of an overseas vacation is that we are forced into quarantine either on arrival or on return should we contract Covid-19 or venture to a country where policy is focused on lifting lockdowns, rather than minimising infections (see Death by Co...
Tellimer Research Hasnain Malik
Hasnain Malik @ Tellimer Research 8 June 2020
Equity Analysis / Tanzania

Tanzania banks allowed to restructure loans, interest rates reduced – positive

The Bank of Tanzania, in its recently held monetary policy committee meeting, finally followed its regional counterparts and put forth measures to deal with the economic impact of Covid-19. So far, Tanzania has 509 cases, 183 recoveries and 21 deaths...
Tellimer Research Faith Mwangi
Faith Mwangi @ Tellimer Research 14 May 2020
Flash Report / Tanzania

Tanzania and Covid-19: Delayed response could prove costly

The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Tanzania has been rapidly rising in recent days, and has now reached 254. East Africa neighboursKenya, Rwanda and Uganda have taken significant measures to combat Covid-19, with the last two of those having a...
Tellimer Research Faith Mwangi
Faith Mwangi @ Tellimer Research 21 April 2020
Strategy Note / Global

Frontier-Emerging Equity Monthly, December: Fund manager despair in focus

Given the cheap valuation versus history and relatively robust FX rates of most frontier and small emerging markets, the fundamental investment case has rarely looked more attractive and the life of a professional investor has rarely felt so depressi...
Tellimer Research Hasnain Malik
Hasnain Malik @ Tellimer Research 23 December 2019
Flash Report / Global

Rwanda's new airport not a game changer for East African cement suppliers

Earlier this week, the Government of Rwanda and Qatar Airways signed an agreement to build a new international airport c25km southeast of the capital Kigali. Qatar Airways has agreed to take a 60% stake in the US$1.3bn airport. The first phase of the...
Tellimer Research Vahaj Ahmed
Vahaj Ahmed @ Tellimer Research 12 December 2019