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Macro Analysis / Canada

Global Imbalances and the COVID-19 Crisis

The world entered the COVID-19 pandemic with persistent, pre-existing external imbalances. Foreign exchange intervention, where needed and where reserves are adequate, could help alleviate disorderly market conditions. Over the medium term, reducing...
International Monetary Fund
IMF Blog 4 August 2020
Macro Analysis / Global

A pause, but maybe no more

I didn't write a note yesterday - it was too messy to drag a coherent theme out of the various strands of noise peppering markets, and it isn't much better today. A short term correction might still happen in the coming days, but this may be no more...
ING Think
ING Think 28 July 2020
Macro Analysis / Malaysia

Malaysia’s exports stage strong rebound in June

Released today, Malaysia’s trade figures for June showed the country’s exports staging a surprisingly strong bounce, by 8.8% year-on-year. Second, a clawback from the slump during the Covid-19 movement control order (MCO), which was further relaxed i...
ING Think
ING Think 28 July 2020
Strategy Note / Malaysia

Malaysia: Government weakened by Najib verdict, politics a drag (in one chart)

Guilty verdict in former PM Najib's first of 3 cases related to 1MDB, follows government's settlement with Goldman Sachs. Perhaps a step to instilling anti-corruption ethics long-term, but increases snap election disruption risk short-term. PM Muhyid...
Tellimer Research Hasnain Malik
Hasnain Malik @ Tellimer Research 28 July 2020
Macro Analysis / Global

2Q Korean GDP falls 3.3%QoQ

My US-based colleague, James Knightley, has very helpfully sent me a preview of what he is looking for in terms of the initial claims data out today, so I'm just going to cut and paste it in below, amended only to account for the time difference from...
ING Think
ING Think 22 July 2020
Macro Analysis / Global

The strange case of the missing cases

A more sombre press conference on the Covid-19 pandemic saw the US President warning that the Covid-19 crisis may get worse before it gets better, and urging Americans to wear masks, adding that they really do make a difference. Something closer to 2...
ING Think
ING Think 21 July 2020