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IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings, April 2019 - Trip Report

    Stuart Culverhouse
    Stuart Culverhouse

    Head of Sovereign & Fixed Income Research

    Christopher Dielmann CFA
    Christopher Dielmann CFA

    Director, Macroeconomic & Sovereign Research

    Tellimer Research
    26 April 2019
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    We attended the April 2019 Spring Meetings in Washington, DC, where we met with IMF mission chiefs, their teams, and other senior officials from the IMF and the official sector. We wish to thank all our hosts for their time and for the constructive and open nature of discussions, which were valuable to us and to our clients attending these meetings.

    This report is the opportunity to relate some of the points that came out of those meetings and to update our views on selected sovereigns. 

    Specifically, we cover here the 15 countries listed below and, following our meetings in DC, we have made five changes to our recommendations (Argentina, Kenya, Mongolia, Suriname, Ukraine), including one initiation of view. 

    We stress the views in this report are our own and not necessarily those of IMF staff or country officials; they reflect our interpretation of the issues discussed in our respective meetings.

    Tellimer sovereign recommendations before and after the Spring Meetings

    Source: Tellimer Research

    Changes in view are in bold. 

    * We downgraded our view in a separate post-IMF note on 18 April