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2020s Vision: 20 themes for the next decade

    Tellimer Research
    26 November 2019
    Published byTellimer Research

    The world could look radically different in 10 years’ time: global alliances are shifting in unexpected ways, long-dominant political parties have imploded or fragmented under popular pressure, technology is upending traditional industries and reshaping how businesses and consumers operate and interact, and the frequency of extreme weather events, such as droughts and flooding, is increasing. As these trends continue and fresh ones emerge, new risks and opportunities will open up for investors.

    In this special edition of Tellimer’s annually published global themes, our analysts scrutinise the challenges facing our transforming world, focusing in bite-sized chapters on the key trends that will reshape developing markets over the new decade and highlighting how investors can successfully navigate them.

    We’ve organised our themes around the four overarching topics that we think will shape the next 10 years:

    Shifting global politics

    1. China becomes world number one
    2. The ties that do not bind: Global alliances to remain under threat
    3. US politics creates a new normal for global diplomacy

    The disruptive impact of technology

    4. Technology disruption and the emerging markets
    5. Smartphones and e-cash transform remittance to EM
    6. In Africa, telcos will make the best banks
    7. Can only China save EM’s tech bubble
    8. Smartphones will leapfrog TV in Africa’s battle for content

    The economic challenges of climate change

    9. Climate change to reshape developing country finance
    10. Rising oceans, shrinking land
    11. Water scarcity
    12. Climate change, cement and the challenge for EM infrastructure

    The evolving investment landscape

    13. ESG investing comes to the debt markets
    14. Alternative data: Clicks over cash flows
    15. Life beyond the index
    16. The return of Frontier and small EM
    17. Nigeria’s potential finally unleashed
    18. Power to the poor
    19. Inequality, politics and protests: Will investors flee Latin America?
    20. The modernisation of investment

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