Emerging markets research and data, for professionals.

Tellimer provides hard-to-find analysis and data on frontier and emerging markets to the world's largest investors, financial institutions, governments, advisors, and supranational organisations.

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High quality analysis and insight on the fastest changing and hardest to analyse countries and companies.

A single point of access to Tellimer's in-house analysis and a global network of research and data providers.

Tellimer Research: unique in-house investment, macro, strategy, thematic and sovereign research.
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A network of 70+ research providers: including banks, brokers, research firms, governments.
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80+ markets covered: research on more than 80 of the world's economies.
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Global Macro
Country Data
Bond Markets
Equity Markets
Investment strategy

Country Risk Index

Economic, sovereign, market and political risk across more than 80 emerging and frontier economies and powered by 12,000+ data points.

  • Direct comparisons between countries
  • Expert methodologies designed for emerging economies
  • Absolute and relative metrics
  • Robust data sources
Country risk chart

Power Your Decision Making in Emerging Markets

Analyse country risk with metrics and models that update with macro, market and political data, reflective of the most relevant available factors on the risks associated with investing in, underwriting or doing business with or in these economies.

80+ EM/Frontier economies
Relative & Absolute Metrics
Updated quarterly
Delivered in .xlsx (Excel)
12,000+ data points

Macro & Market Data

Informing risk decisions with unique datasets and price data.

Emerging Market Investability Matrix

Tellimer's Emerging Market Investability Matrix provides data on over 50 of the world's emerging economies, to give users a country-by-country risk and performance overview. Data is curated from trusted sources and aggregated into a proprietary matrix of over 170 data points across macroeconomics, ESG, politics, consumer behaviour, manufacturing, FX, equity market performance, fixed income yields and government debt.

50 countries
185 economic metrics
Delivered in .xlsx (Excel)
Updated quarterly
Customisable weighting

Direct Access & Events

Access the IMF Spring and Autumn Meetings, have direct interactions with analysts and experts in the Tellimer network.

Direct access to the IMF

Tellimer has a longstanding relationship with the IMF and invites clients to join bilateral calls and meetings with IMF teams during the spring and autumn meeting sessions in Washington, DC.

Direct access to analysts
Tellimer runs several events each month, including direct access for pro subscribers to speak with Tellimer or network analysts about market-moving events, investment theses, and specific companies or sovereigns.
Exclusive webinars & events

Tellimer hosts several webinars each quarter, covering a range of companies, countries, sectors, & themes. Speakers can include:

  • Tellimer or network analysts
  • Guest presenters from companies
  • Supranational agencies such as the IMF
  • Sovereigns

These events cover diverse subjects ranging from US fiscal policy to Chinese tech and geopolitical events such as the war in Ukraine.

Client-focused Solutions

Tellimer's platform services a number of different client types, helping provide insights into some of the world's hardest to analyze markets.


Investors benefit from Tellimer's deep frontier and emerging market research, direct access to analysts, corporates and supranational agencies, and macro and market data to help them shape their investment views.

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Markets covered

Angola Angola
Argentina Argentina
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Bangladesh Bangladesh
Belarus Belarus
Botswana Botswana
Brazil Brazil
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Chile Chile
China China
Colombia Colombia
Croatia Croatia
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Egypt Egypt
Ethiopia Ethiopia
Georgia Georgia
Ghana Ghana
Hungary Hungary
Iceland Iceland
India India
Indonesia Indonesia
Iran Iran
Iraq Iraq
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Kenya Kenya
Kuwait Kuwait
Lebanon Lebanon
Malaysia Malaysia
Mauritius Mauritius
Mexico Mexico
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Mozambique Mozambique
Nigeria Nigeria
Pakistan Pakistan
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Russia Russia
Rwanda Rwanda
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Senegal Senegal
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Sudan Sudan
Taiwan Taiwan
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Tunisia Tunisia
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United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
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