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Strategy Note / Global

Business models after Covid-19: Accelerating the next industrial revolution

In our latest look at the impact of the economic shock brought on by Covid-19, we focus on business models. We think the adoption of automation in manufacturing will accelerate, and stockpiling for corporate and national security purposes will be giv...
Tellimer Research Hasnain Malik
Hasnain Malik @ Tellimer Research 16 April 2020
Business models after Covid-19: Accelerating the next industrial revolution
Flash Report - Fixed Income / Global

LatAm corporate issues: The flurry continues

Latin American corporate issuers have also been taking advantage of what seems to be a limitless appetite for new debt. The year started with a bang, with high-grade corporates from Chile, but apparently seeing the extremely strong demand in the mark...
Tellimer Research
Rafael Elias
Rafael Elias @ Tellimer Research 23 January 2020
Strategy Note / Saudi Arabia

2020 Saudi Equity Strategy

We expect 2020 to be a more positive year for the Saudi economy, with stronger growth driven by the non-oil sector as a result of progress on the Vision Realisation Programs (VRPs) and the domestic investment of the proceeds of the Saudi Aramco...
NCB Capital Irfan Ellam
Irfan Ellam @ NCB Capital 20 January 2020
Equity Analysis / Vietnam

Vietnam 2020 investment strategy

In our 145-page strategy report we cover all angles of the Vietnam investment case in 2020. Top-down, we highlight the global and domestic macro drivers, as well as upcoming index changes as Vietnam becomes a dominant weight in FM indices. Botto...
Rong Viet Tu Vu
Tu Vu @ Rong Viet 31 December 2019
Flash Report / Global

Rwanda's new airport not a game changer for East African cement suppliers

Earlier this week, the Government of Rwanda and Qatar Airways signed an agreement to build a new international airport c25km southeast of the capital Kigali. Qatar Airways has agreed to take a 60% stake in the US$1.3bn airport. The first phase of the...
Tellimer Research Vahaj Ahmed
Vahaj Ahmed @ Tellimer Research 12 December 2019
Equity Analysis / Argentina

Argentina Equity Strategy Weekly

Following the tightening of FX controls, domestic securities continued falling, reflecting significantly weaker economic conditions. Companies with a high percentage of dollar-denominated revenues, lower operating exposure to the domestic market and...
Capital Markets Argentina Agustín Giannattasio
Agustín Giannattasio @ Capital Markets Argentina 7 October 2019