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Flash Report / Russia

Nornickel shareholder tensions rise – neutral

CEO of Interros, Sergey Batekhin commented on the shareholder conflict situation and Nornickel developments. Interros and RUSAL relations have deteriorated; Interros believes RUSAL's dividends focus comes at Nornickel’s expense. As long as the shareh...
Alfa Boris Krasnozhenov
Boris Krasnozhenov @ Alfa 30 July 2020
Equity Analysis / Egypt

Egypt Commodity and Material Prices: Sector outlook and trends – Q2 20 update

Nitrogen Fertilizer producers are ramping up capacity utilization in an attempt to offset weak urea prices with the outlook still uncertain. Petrochemicals have fared worse than their Agrochemical peers, as they have been enduring so far an unprecede...
Pharos Holding Diyar Hozaien
Diyar Hozaien @ Pharos Holding 28 July 2020
Flash Report / Global

Silver shines through the pandemic: 15 EM mining names to gain exposure

According to Hindu customs, I had to present my wife with a gold necklace (called a Thali or Mangal Sutra) when I got married in 2004. The necklace must be safely kept by the wife to ensure the husband's well-being. Of course one should not be guided...
Tellimer Research Nirgunan Tiruchelvam
Nirgunan Tiruchelvam @ Tellimer Research 21 July 2020
Equity Analysis / Pakistan

Pakistan Cement: New Competition Commission leadership may imply price scrutiny

Rahat Kaunain has been appointed the Chairperson of the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP). The appointment can be important for some sectors, as the CCP was relatively active during her previous term. Of late, the government also has intervene...
Intermarket Securities Rahul Hans
Rahul Hans @ Intermarket Securities 10 July 2020
Strategy Note / Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Focus List: 8 stocks – a mix of value and growth

Equities saw a ‘V-shaped’ recovery in May and June, largely driven by local participation, as foreign investors continued to exit. We highlight eight stocks which hold upside potential in the current environment coming from a mix of value and growth;...
Asia Securities Kavinda Perera
Kavinda Perera @ Asia Securities 8 July 2020
Flash Report - Fixed Income / Russia

Petropavlovsk: A sense of deja vu

On 30 June, Petropavlovsk held an annual shareholder meeting. Management was caught by surprise by the vote and has asked UK regulators to conduct an investigation to establish if the opposing shareholders, including Uzhuralzoloto (UGC) – a privately...
Tellimer Research Kiti Pantskhava
Kiti Pantskhava @ Tellimer Research 1 July 2020