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Flash Report - Fixed Income / Russia

Petropavlovsk: A sense of deja vu

On 30 June, Petropavlovsk held an annual shareholder meeting. Four shareholders who collectively control 39% of the voting stock did not support the election or re-election of seven Board members, including five independent non-executive directors, t...
Tellimer Research Kiti Pantskhava
Kiti Pantskhava @ Tellimer Research 1 July 2020
Macro Analysis / Global

Covid fiscal tracker: Stimulus measures continue to balloon

Roughly four months since the Covid crisis became a global issue, governments around the world have rolled out stimulus programmes unprecedented in breadth and magnitude. In the annex to the IMF’s June 2020 World Economic Outlook (WEO) Update, they t...
Tellimer Research Patrick Curran
Patrick Curran @ Tellimer Research 30 June 2020
Macro Analysis / Global

Digital solutions to fight financial crime

The digital revolution has enhanced many aspects of our lives, and yet this technology also enables financial criminals to defraud individuals, countries and societies. A Refinitiv expert talk analyzed different aspects of the revolution, and explain...
Refinitiv Perspectives
Refinitiv Perspectives 29 June 2020
Macro Analysis / Global

Figure of the week: Remittance flows to sub-Saharan Africa expected to slow after years of growth

Last year, remittance flows to low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) overtook foreign direct investment (FDI) as the largest source of incoming capital, having previously overtaken official development assistance (ODA) and private portfolio...
Brookings Programs - Global Economy and Development 25 June 2020
Macro Analysis / Greece

Greece: Tourism is the major casualty

Obvious focus on tourism Unsurprisingly, over the last few weeks, the government’s initiatives have increasingly focused on the tourism sector, by nature more vulnerable than others to the mobility and distancing consequences of the...
ING Think
ING Think 22 June 2020
Equity Analysis / Russia

Russia Energy: Regressive new energy strategy hinders development of clean tech

Russia’s Energy Strategy 2035, adopted in April 2020, prioritises selling hydrocarbons to the world over embracing new technologies, such as renewable energy. Indeed, it regards anything that hinders Russia’s production (and export) of oil, gas and c...
Tellimer Research Vahaj Ahmed
Vahaj Ahmed @ Tellimer Research 15 June 2020
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