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Tellimer Research
14 Jul 2023
Impact of Iran re-emerging: Middle East risk reduced
Tellimer Research
9 Jul 2023
Iran is tentatively re-emerging: Geopolitics, Oil, Investment impacts
Project Syndicate
7 Jun 2023
The Post-American Middle East
Tellimer Research
24 Apr 2023
Growth, inflation, rates back in focus: Emerging-Frontier Equity Monthly – April
Tellimer Research
11 Apr 2023
Saudi-Yemen peace dividend from Iran detente, but a very uncertain one
Tellimer Research
22 Jul 2022
Hyperinflation accounting: Coming to an emerging market near you
18 Apr 2022
Yemen in the shadow of Russia’s war on Ukraine
23 Mar 2022
Do the poor suffer disproportionately from legal problems?
21 Mar 2022
The impact of the war in Ukraine on food security
Tellimer Research
17 Jan 2022
UAE drone attacks claimed by Yemen Houthis
Tellimer Research
29 Oct 2021
The countries that could benefit most from introducing digital currencies
Project Syndicate
4 Aug 2021
Morning in the Middle East?
Tellimer Research
19 Jul 2021
DSSI provides limited relief
Project Syndicate
18 Mar 2021
Biden’s US-Saudi Recalibration
S&P Global
16 Mar 2021
The geopolitical implications of vaccine rollout programs across MENA
Project Syndicate
27 Feb 2021
A Realist Reset for US-Saudi Relations
S&P Global
22 Feb 2021
US to end support for Saudi offensive operations in the war in Yemen
29 Jan 2021
The sting in COVID-19’s tail: For poor countries, what comes next could be worse
19 Nov 2020
Yemen’s children: A crisis within a crisis
12 Nov 2020
Middle East & North Africa: Frontloading the "S" in ESG
19 Oct 2020
Investing in human capital in the Middle East and North Africa is more important than ever
14 Jul 2020
Middle East food security amid the COVID-19 pandemic
15 Jun 2020
Yemen and COVID-19: The pandemic exacts its devastating toll
Tellimer Research
25 Mar 2020
India: The sum of EM coronavirus fears
Tellimer Research
24 Sep 2019
The Aramco attack and 10 reasons why an Iran war is still unlikely