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Covid-19: I’d still rather be in Africa, but maybe not next year

At the end of January, I stood beside Murchison Falls with my family, drenched in the spray of the world’s most power waterfall, and I reflected on how much can change in a generation. Comparing the modelled outcome for Africa in 2021 with the curren...
Tellimer Research Paul Domjan
Paul Domjan @ Tellimer Research 27 June 2020
Flash Report / Rwanda

Rwanda sets new bank regulations in light of Covid-19; positive for sector

Similar to Kenya’s policy changes, the National Bank of Rwanda has issued new regulations to cushion the banking sector in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It had a net loan/customer deposits ratio of 109.8%, and we believe the bank will need to sc...
Tellimer Research Faith Mwangi
Faith Mwangi @ Tellimer Research 23 March 2020
Flash Report / Global

Rwanda's new airport not a game changer for East African cement suppliers

Earlier this week, the Government of Rwanda and Qatar Airways signed an agreement to build a new international airport c25km southeast of the capital Kigali. Qatar Airways has agreed to take a 60% stake in the US$1.3bn airport. The first phase of the...
Tellimer Research Vahaj Ahmed
Vahaj Ahmed @ Tellimer Research 12 December 2019