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Tellimer Research
27 Sep 2023
Frontier Daily, 27 September: EM spreads widen, Ukraine losses, Bolivia rebounds
Tellimer Research
26 Sep 2023
Frontier Daily, 26 September: Sell-off on 10bps US 10y spike, Mongolia rally
Tellimer Research
25 Sep 2023
Frontier Daily, 25 September: Kenya, Vietnam, Azerbaijan losses, Mongolia gains
Tellimer Research
20 Sep 2023
Frontier Daily, 20 September: Caucasus war, THB stimulus losses, Mongolia gains
Tellimer Research
12 Sep 2023
Frontier Daily, 12 September: Zambia, Mozambique gains, Mexico losses
Tellimer Research
21 Aug 2023
Frontier Daily, 21 August: US 10y climbs, CNY at 15-year lows, LatAm elections
Tellimer Research
18 Aug 2023
Frontier Daily, 18 August: IG losses after DM rate sell-off, EM FX edges up
Tellimer Research
17 Aug 2023
Frontier Daily, 17 August: Ecuador rallies on bond comment, US 10yr squeezes EM
Tellimer Research
7 Aug 2023
Frontier Daily, 7 August: Lower US 10yr offered temporary EM relief on Friday
Tellimer Research
2 Aug 2023
Frontier Daily, 2 August: High yield and long end leads EM spread widening
Tellimer Research
28 Jul 2023
Frontier Daily, 28 July: CBRT shake up, EM OAS down after key DM rate decisions
Tellimer Research
7 Jul 2023
Frontier Daily, 7 July: UST yield spike sparks worst EM sell-off since September
Tellimer Research
15 Jun 2023
Frontier Daily, 15 June: Fed pauses, IMF responds to Pakistan budget
Tellimer Data
7 Jun 2023
External Liquidity Index – Q2 2023 update
Tellimer Research
2 Jun 2023
Frontier Daily, 2 June: Lira losses slowing, moves in eurobonds, and more...
Tellimer Research
31 May 2023
Tellimer's top picks: June 2023
Tellimer Research
17 May 2023
Country Risk Index flags countries most at risk of a sovereign debt crisis
Tellimer Research
3 May 2023
IMF/WB Spring Meetings, April 2023 – country notes and global themes
Tellimer Research
28 Apr 2023
Mongolia: Initiate Sell recommendation on underappreciated external risks
Tellimer Research
10 Feb 2023
External Liquidity Index updated to show who may be next to restructure
Tellimer Research
3 Feb 2023
EM sovereign bond issuance in 2023 gets off to a record start
Tellimer Research
10 Jan 2023
Mongolia: Tender offer reduces rollover risks
S&P Global
3 Jan 2022
Top themes to watch in global banking for 2022: Risk and uncertainty remain heightened
Tellimer Research
6 Dec 2021
The countries most vulnerable to rising inflation and rates in developed markets
29 Nov 2021
Bank branch density and economic development