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Sovereign Analysis / Lebanon

Lebanon: At the precipice as leaders pass the buck

Since officially entering default on 23 March (after announcing on 8 March the intention to not pay the 9 March maturity), Lebanon’s economic and political crisis has spiralled out of control. While protests died down in March amid a Covid-related lo...
Tellimer Research Patrick Curran
Patrick Curran @ Tellimer Research 9 July 2020
Strategy Note / Global

GCC-Levant equity strategy: Old models under stress

The GCC-Levant region is split between those markets valued close to their historic average (Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi) and those at large discounts (Dubai, Jordan, Oman).Markets in the former group have been dominated in recent ye...
Tellimer Research Hasnain Malik
Hasnain Malik @ Tellimer Research 5 July 2020
Strategy Note / Global

MSCI as expected: Argentina, Turkey may exit EM, Iceland in FM, Kuwait in EM

MSCI has spoken. The highlight is the potential ejection of Argentina and Turkey from the emerging market index.While there are no shocks, the tyranny of benchmarks for active and passive institutional equity funds means we are all forced to pay atte...
Tellimer Research Hasnain Malik
Hasnain Malik @ Tellimer Research 24 June 2020
Strategy Note / Global

Tourism: 'Staycation' buffer for some (India) more than others (Iceland) in EM

I am thankful because I am still in a job and my family and I are healthy. But, after publishing over a hundred reports in the first five months of the year and spending the last three months cooped with the family, I (we) would like a vacation (hope...
Tellimer Research Hasnain Malik
Hasnain Malik @ Tellimer Research 8 June 2020
Macro Analysis / Lebanon

Lebanon restructuring plan: A long and winding road

BLOM Bank hosted an update call last week with investors. We address below some of the topics touched upon during this discussion. Note that unless specifically identified as such, this report does not reflect BLOM Bank’s views.The main economi...
Tellimer Research Rahul Shah
Rahul Shah @ Tellimer Research 14 May 2020
Flash Report / Lebanon

Lebanon: Highlights from today's investor presentation

Lebanon's Ministry of Finance, and its financial adviser (Lazard), held an investor presentation earlier today via webcast – the presentation and further details, and future creditor communication, will be posted to the ministry's...
Tellimer Research Stuart Culverhouse
Stuart Culverhouse @ Tellimer Research 27 March 2020