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Strategy Note / China

'Splinternet' problems for EM equity investors

Companies in the China tech sector are c25% of MSCI EM index; are they all in the cross-hairs of US-China friction? US ban and potential forced sale of TikTok the latest example of national security pretext for splintering the internet. Restricted in...
Tellimer Research Hasnain Malik
Hasnain Malik @ Tellimer Research 4 August 2020
Macro Analysis / Canada

Global Imbalances and the COVID-19 Crisis

The world entered the COVID-19 pandemic with persistent, pre-existing external imbalances. Foreign exchange intervention, where needed and where reserves are adequate, could help alleviate disorderly market conditions. Over the medium term, reducing...
International Monetary Fund
IMF Blog 4 August 2020
Macro Analysis / Global

EM Covid-19 survey: Government support programmes are missing their mark

More low-income individuals aren't benefitting from government support than wealthier individuals. This difference seems most severe in China and India. Low-income individuals can't benefit from such schemes if they are financially excluded. Low-inco...
Tellimer Research Rahul Shah
Rahul Shah @ Tellimer Research 4 August 2020
Macro Analysis / Europe

EU sustainability and the COVID-19 recovery

What does Refinitiv data say about how the European Commission’s (EC) goal of putting sustainability at the heart of the European financial system is being aligned with the urgent need to fund the COVID-19 recovery? Refinitiv data looked at which mem...
Refinitiv Perspectives
Refinitiv Perspectives 4 August 2020
Morning Note / Russia

Alfa Morning Bulletin: 4 August 2020

The Russian market got August off to a good start yesterday. The Russian equity market is facing some headwinds this morning as oil prices and the ruble retreat on concerns. Loading volumes via Russian Railways network decreased 3.9% yoy in July – Mi...
Alfa Alfa Equity Team
Alfa Equity Team @ Alfa 4 August 2020
Macro Analysis / India

Why we expect India to cut rates again this week

The monetary easing expectations stem from prospects of a prolonged economic slump ahead resulting from an un-abating spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Supporting this, exports crashed by 37% YoY and imports were worse with a 53% plunge. These dented...
ING Think
ING Think 4 August 2020