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Vital Signs: Actionable charts

In this product we rank the most positive and negative domestic stocks, filter the symbols by market-cap and trading volume, and then divide the companies into sectors and groups. We then manually look through charts leadership/changes, bottoms-up/t....
Vermilion Research David
David Nicoski @ Vermilion Research 1 July 2022

AU : Strategy - Australia Strategy: Morgans best ideas

Our best ideas are those that we believe offer the highest risk-adjusted returns over a 12-month timeframe supported by a higher-than-average level of confidence. They are our most preferred sector exposures. Refer to our recently published Winter 2....
Tom Sartor @ CGS-CIMB 1 July 2022

AU : EBR Systems - Hits key enrolment milestone; shores-up financing

EBR has completed interim enrolment in its pivotal SOLVE trial and has also shored-up its financing, with access to up to US$50m in venture debt. Completing interim trial enrolment on time represents a key milestone, with interim trial results (1QCY....
Derek Jellinek @ CGS-CIMB 1 July 2022

Daily Credit Briefing

Top Credit Stories BANKS - Termination of coverage CONSUMER - Termination of coverage FINANCIALS - Termination of coverage HIGH YIELD - Termination of coverage: INDUSTRIALS - Termination of coverage  
UniCredit Sven
Sven Kreitmair @ UniCredit 30 June 2022

AU : Xero - Accounting on long-term value creation

Xero is a challenger small to medium-sized business (SMB) accounting platform. Its vision is to " be the most insightful and trusted small business platform”. All going to plan, there is plenty of upside on subscriber adds (increased penetratio....
Nick harris @ CGS-CIMB 30 June 2022

AU : Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals - Cessation of coverage

Following a review of our research universe, we discontinue coverage of Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals. Our forecasts, target price and recommendation should no longer be relied upon for investment decisions.  
Iain Wilkie @ CGS-CIMB 29 June 2022