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Sector Report - Automotive Credit Conference Handbook

Please find in the link below our “Automotive Credit Conference Handbook” with credit profile overviews of the participating issuers. For further information regarding the program, the participants and all other event details please refer to the fol....
UniCredit Sven
Sven Kreitmair @ UniCredit 14 June 2021

Credit Flash - Telecom Italia: Beyond Open Fiber

Status of Open Fiber negotiations: For most of the past two years, we have seen the proposed merger of Telecom Italia’s fixed network with that of Open Fiber as the key credit driver for TITIM bonds. However, Mario Draghi’s government appears to....
UniCredit Jonathan
Jonathan Schroer @ UniCredit 14 June 2021

HY & Xover Update - SPMIM

Saipem: Secures USD 1.3bn onshore E&C contract in BrazilSell the SPMIM 2.625% 1/25 at YTM of 1.5%.
UniCredit Christian
Christian Aust @ UniCredit 14 June 2021

The Green Bond & ESG Chartbook (June 2021)

UniCredit Matthias
Matthias Dax @ UniCredit 14 June 2021

Weekly Supply Preview - Germany to issue new 10Y Bund, while the EU likely to launch first NGEU bond

EGBs: Primary market activity is likely to remain abundant as we expect Germany, France, Spain and Finland to sell EUR 29bn of bonds. In terms of new benchmarks, the German Finanzagentur will issue the new Bund Aug31 via auction. Issuance activity, w...
UniCredit Francesco Maria
Francesco Maria Di Bella @ UniCredit 14 June 2021

Strategy Flash - Rates: SOFR First - What the practical implications are

Similar to what has already occurred in the UK, trading of USD linear swaps will move from Libor to SOFR starting on 26 July. Interdealer USD Libor linear swap screens and prices will remain available for informational purposes, but not for trading....
UniCredit Luca
Luca Cazzulani @ UniCredit 14 June 2021