Viet Nam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade
Rong Viet
12 Jul 2022
Vietnam Strategy: July – Short-term opportunities arise amid earnings season
Rong Viet
9 Nov 2021
Vietnam Strategy: November – Expect market to move up but beware of volatility
Rong Viet
8 Jan 2021
Vietnam banks: Credit growth expectations for 2021
Rong Viet
9 Sep 2020
Vietnam banks: Service income temporarily hampered; long-term potential intact
Rong Viet
12 May 2020
Vietnam: Central bank urges more timely implementation of forbearance measures
Rong Viet
1 Apr 2020
Vietnam: The impact of Covid-19 on banks
Rong Viet
23 Sep 2019
Potential and challenges for digital banking in Vietnam
Rong Viet
11 Sep 2019
Vietnam Banks: More sustainable growth underpins stable outlook
Rong Viet
9 Oct 2018
Near-term macro advantages still intact, valuation now less demanding
Tellimer Research
8 Aug 2018
VIETNAM BANKS: Q2 18 wrap – robust core profitability allowed stronger legacy asset clean-up
Tellimer Research
2 Aug 2018
Vietinbank: VIETINBANK (CTG VN): Q2 18 results affected by prudent provisioning, we reiterate Buy
Tellimer Research
9 Jul 2018
VIETNAM BANKS: Positive developments expected for both Q2 and FY 18
Tellimer Research
8 May 2018
VIETNAM BANKS: Q1 18 wrap – positive revenue surprises
Tellimer Research
30 Apr 2018
Vietinbank: VIETINBANK: Q1 18 beats expectations, but still undercapitalised
Tellimer Research
23 Apr 2018
VIETNAM BANKS: Private banks are now the main drivers of credit growth
Tellimer Research
29 Mar 2018
VIETNAM BANKS: Raising our target prices, but bright near-term outlook largely priced in
Tellimer Research
19 Mar 2018
VIETNAM: Flows and fundamentals invalidate our caution
Tellimer Research
31 Jan 2018
Vietinbank: VIETINBANK: FY 17 - VAMC clean-up a major highlight, re-capitalisation the primary challenge, Hold
Tellimer Research
11 Dec 2017
FRONTIER ASIA BANKS: Eastern Promise: we favour Pakistan over Bangladesh
Tellimer Research
22 Nov 2017
VIETNAM BANKS: Initiation of coverage – growth potential comes at a price



Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Industry and Trade accepts deposits and offers commercial banking services. The bank offers corporate and consumer loans; insurance; securities and derivatives brokerage; lease financing; money transfer; credit cards; and other services