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Vietnam Strategy: July – Short-term opportunities arise amid earnings season

Industries (and their sub-sectors) with good Q2 2022 profit growth prospects such as Consumer Goods (Fishery, F&B), Consumer Services (Retail), IT, Utilities (Electricity, Water), Materials (Chemical), Industry (Logistics) continued to witness improv...
Rong Viet Lam
Lam Nguyen @ Rong Viet 12 July 2022

Vietnam Strategy: November – Expect market to move up but beware of volatility

In November, we expect the market to continue its upward trajectory thanks to the clearer resumption of economic activities in Q4 21 with the government’s support package being the main driving force to enhance market movement. We predict the VN Inde...
Rong Viet Lam
Lam Nguyen @ Rong Viet 9 November 2021

Vietnam banks: Credit growth expectations for 2021

Covid has had a strong impact on the economy by negatively affecting loan demand, financial capability of customers and the quality of assets. These timely actions at the beginning of 2020 — when the pandemic broke out — helped maintain positive econ...
Rong Viet Thanh
Thanh Nguyen @ Rong Viet 8 January 2021

Vietnam banks: Service income temporarily hampered; long-term potential intact

During H1 20, many listed banks witnessed weak performance of service income growth, which stayed at only 9.9% yoy (much lower than 42.1% in H1 19). Fee income structure can also be diversified with other activities such as bank guarantee, bond servi...
Rong Viet Anh
Anh Nguyen @ Rong Viet 9 September 2020

Vietnam: Central bank urges more timely implementation of forbearance measures

Giving priority to economic recovery. SBV urges banks to implement forbearance measures more decisively and timely. As a result, a stronger impact on NIM (an in turn, net interest income) can be expected, at least during Q2. Third, SBV would also con...
Rong Viet Anh
Anh Nguyen @ Rong Viet 12 May 2020

Vietnam: The impact of Covid-19 on banks

To support the economy in general, and businesses in particular, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has issued several lending guidelines to help those hit by the coronavirus crisis (whose income or profits have declined). In the context of the unfavour...
Rong Viet Anh
Anh Nguyen @ Rong Viet 1 April 2020


Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Industry and Trade accepts deposits and offers commercial banking services. The bank offers corporate and consumer loans; insurance; securities and derivatives brokerage; lease financing; money transfer; credit cards; and other services

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