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Bualuang Securities
29 Aug 2023
Thaifoods Group PCL: More positive short-term outlook for Thai pork segment
Bualuang Securities
10 Aug 2023
Thaifoods Group PCL: Below our estimates; a reversal into net loss expected for 3Q23
Bualuang Securities
25 Jul 2023
Thaifoods Group PCL: Thai pork price tumble prompts additional 2023 earnings cut
Bualuang Securities
23 Feb 2023
Thaifoods Group PCL: Core profit beat our estimate; weaker 2023 earnings ahead
Bualuang Securities
15 Dec 2022
Thaifoods Group PCL: The cheapest Thai livestock play
Bualuang Securities
1 Dec 2022
Thailand: Agro & Food - Persisting shortage of livestock breeders through 2023
Bualuang Securities
10 Nov 2022
Thaifoods Group PCL: Beat all estimates; robust 4Q22 earnings ahead
Bualuang Securities
18 Oct 2022
Thailand: Agro & Food - High season of livestock demand seen through 1H23
Bualuang Securities
29 Aug 2022
Thaifoods Group PCL: Bullish on Thai pork up-cycle
Bualuang Securities
11 Aug 2022
Thaifoods Group PCL: Beat our estimate by a mile; robust profit expected in 3Q22
Bualuang Securities
7 Jul 2022
Thailand: Agro & Food - Livestock: Strong bounce in Chinese pork price
Bualuang Securities
23 Jun 2022
Thaifoods Group PCL: More bullish than before; valuation re-rated higher
Bualuang Securities
15 Jun 2022
Thaifoods Group PCL: Key takeaways from domestic NDR
Bualuang Securities
13 Jun 2022
Thaifoods Group PCL: Scope for an upside to 2022 higher export volume and GM
Bualuang Securities
26 May 2022
Thailand: Agro & Food - Malaysia to halt live chicken exports starting Jun 1
Bualuang Securities
13 May 2022
Thaifoods Group PCL: Robust results; YoY profit jump expected in 2Q22
Bualuang Securities
5 May 2022
Thai: Agro & Food -Stable Vietnamese pork price so far; rebound expected in 2H22
Bualuang Securities
3 May 2022
Thailand: Agro & Food-Livestock: Thai livestock prices to rise further in 2Q22
Bualuang Securities
29 Apr 2022
Thailand:Agro & Food - Sustained weak Chinese pork price but uptick seen in 2H22
Bualuang Securities
30 Mar 2022
Thaifoods Group PCL: Russia-Ukraine war triggers tighter global chicken supply
Bualuang Securities
25 Feb 2022
Thaifoods Group PCL: In-line core loss; QoQ turnaround to core black ink in 1Q22
Bualuang Securities
19 Jan 2022
Thailand: Agro & Food - Livestock: Live chicken re-pegged on farmgate price
Bualuang Securities
14 Jan 2022
Thai:Agro & Food - Chicken price on the rise despite govt’s intervention measure
Bualuang Securities
13 Jan 2022
Thailand: Agro&Food-First ASF case in Thailand;Thai pork price continues to rise
Bualuang Securities
6 Jan 2022
Thaifoods Group PCL: Higher Thai pork price expectations boost 2022 earnings


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Thaifoods Group Public Company Limited is the manufacturer and processor of poultry and swine products. The Company's business involves hatcheries, contract farming, raw chicken meat processing for export, and domestic distribution. Thaifoods Group operates in Southeast Asia.