Stanchart Ghana
Tellimer Research
25 Nov 2021
Stanchart Ghana: Q3 decline in net interest income and high tax charge hits bottom line
Tellimer Research
25 Aug 2021
Stanchart Ghana: Q2 21: Impressive earnings growth, with technology driving efficiency gains
Tellimer Research
25 Jun 2021
Ghana banks: Impressive Q1 performance, but impairment charges remain a concern
Tellimer Research
23 Mar 2021
5 factors to watch when Ghana banks report their 2020 results
Tellimer Research
3 Mar 2021
Ghana banks: Positive outlook, but impairment charges key risk in Q1
Tellimer Research
3 Feb 2021
Ghana's Covid spike forces govt to impose restrictions indefinitely
Tellimer Research
23 Nov 2020
Stanchart Ghana: Q3 20 – Trading gains and provisions writeback spur earnings rebound
Tellimer Research
5 May 2020
Stanchart Ghana: Q1 20 – Strong top line growth as funding cost moderates
Tellimer Research
2 Apr 2020
Ghana cuts GDP forecast as coronavirus headwinds intensify
Tellimer Research
4 Mar 2020
Stanchart Ghana: Impressive FY 19 results as asset quality continues to improve; Hold
Tellimer Research
29 Oct 2019
Stanchart Ghana: Q3 19: Earnings improve on robust loan growth and lower net impairment charge
Tellimer Research
17 Oct 2019
Ghana Banks: Q3 19 preview – Lower cost pressures offer tailwinds
Tellimer Research
9 Oct 2019
Ghana Banks: Macro conditions support strong earnings outlook
Tellimer Research
16 Sep 2019
Ghana Mobile Money: Minimum capital requirement raised
Tellimer Research
21 Aug 2019
Ghana mobile money: Exploring Africa’s fastest growing market
Tellimer Research
15 Aug 2019
Ghana Banks: Q2 recap – strong earnings growth and asset quality improvement; Buy GCB
Tellimer Research
6 Aug 2019
Stanchart Ghana: Q2 19 – Asset quality issues weigh on PAT; reiterate Sell
Tellimer Research
23 May 2019
Ghana Banks: Q1 19 recap – sector earnings outperform; top pick GCB
Tellimer Research
7 May 2019
Stanchart Ghana: Q1 19: Core earnings weaker than expected, Sell
Tellimer Research
7 Mar 2019
Stanchart Ghana: Q4 18: Weaker operating efficiency drags PAT, Sell
Tellimer Research
29 Jan 2019
Ghana Banks: Brighter profitability outlook
Tellimer Research
25 Sep 2018
The sale is on: Buy NGA and PAK banks
Tellimer Research
3 Aug 2018
Stanchart Ghana: STANDARD CHARTERED GHANA: Q2 sees turn for the worse; reiterate Sell
Tellimer Research
26 Feb 2018
GHANA BANKS: Expanding our coverage – sector has good fundamentals despite regulatory pressure
Tellimer Research
17 Mar 2015
Stanchart Ghana: SCB Ghana: 4Q14 results: initial reaction



Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Ltd. provides a wide range of services in the Retail and Corporate Banking services including a comprehensive import/export and foreign exchange and remittance services. The Bank has a network of 23 branches strategically located for personal and corporate banking activities throughout Ghana.