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Seed Company: 1H21 Earnings Update

The Group registered strong revenue growth albeit a harsh macro-economic environment characterized by hyperinflation, high interest rates, tight liquidity, and local currency depreciation. We forecast a 290% increase in Seed Co Limited’s revenue to $...
IH Securities Florence
Florence Takaendesa @ IH Securities 12 February 2021

Zimbabwe equity strategy: Valuations lag in real terms

Rampant inflation and a depreciating local currency has created a dislocation between fundamentals and market dynamics on the ZSE. The current Market Cap is ZWL$30.10bn (US$1.92bn using the interbank rate, and US$1.11bn using an OMIR of 27.05 as at 3...
IH Securities Delika
Delika Rama @ IH Securities 4 November 2019

Zimbabwe equity strategy 2019

The Zimbabwean economy outperformed its Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) peers as it remained on a nominal upward trajectory in 2018. However, we expect further reforms to diminish national consumption as liquidity remains generally difficult in the short to...
IH Securities Lloyd
Lloyd Mlotshwa @ IH Securities 4 February 2019


Food & Staples Retailing
Seed Co develops and markets certified crop seeds. The company primarily engages in the sale of hybrid maize seed, but there are also significant sales of wheat, soyabean, barley, sorghum and groundnut seed.

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