Saudi Aramco


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SNB Capital
12 Nov 2023
SNB Capital Research Morning Agenda | 12 November 2023
SNB Capital
9 Aug 2023
Saudi Aramco: Saudi Aramco | Q3 23 Company Update | Performance linked dividends, activated
Project Syndicate
22 Jun 2023
Saudi Arabia’s Great Transformation
SNB Capital
12 Jun 2023
Saudi Aramco Base Oil Co: Q2 23 Company Update | Positive outlook priced in, downgrade to Neutral
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11 May 2023
Saudi Aramco: Set for growth
SNB Capital
13 Apr 2023
Arabian Drilling: Q2 23 Update – Jafurah, offshore and more!
Tellimer Research
17 Mar 2023
The strongest Energy firms in emerging markets
SNB Capital
10 Nov 2022
SSP: Q3 22 Update | Promising pipeline to support business
SNB Capital
9 Aug 2022
SABIC: Record sales and remarkable profits
SNB Capital
27 Jun 2022
Saudi Aramco: Initiation – The seven wonders of the world's largest oil producer
S&P Global
3 Jun 2022
Capital Markets Weekly: Equity supply and sovereign Green Bond issuance revival
ETM Analytics
11 Mar 2022
Angola is Africa's biggest beneficiary from elevated international oil prices
ING Think
7 Mar 2022
The Commodities Feed: Explosive rally in Nickel
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22 Feb 2022
Markets in risk-off today as Putin comments trigger invasion fears
ETM Analytics
9 Feb 2022
Oil eyeing $100, but a structural market shift is looming
ETM Analytics
6 Oct 2021
Steady-as-she-goes opec to keep market tightness entrenched
S&P Global
23 Apr 2021
IHS Markit moves Saudi Arabia’s rating outlook back to Stable
S&P Global
20 Nov 2020
Capital Markets Weekly: Sizeable emerging market deal-flow indicates post US-electoral bond demand recovery
SNB Capital
18 Nov 2020
Mouwasat: Attractive valuation, discount is not justified
SNB Capital
13 Aug 2020
Saudi strategy: MSCI Quarterly Review – August 2020
Tellimer Research
8 Mar 2020
Saudi: Princes detained, regime risk still low
Tellimer Research
6 Mar 2020
EM Wars: The changing art and risk of war in Emerging and Frontier markets
SNB Capital
20 Jan 2020
2020 Saudi Equity Strategy – Improving sentiment to drive lending and spending
Tellimer Research
3 Dec 2019
Saudi’s consumer boom gets less airtime than Aramco IPO, but is as big a story
Tellimer Research
12 Nov 2019
Saudi Aramco: Three questions that the Aramco IPO raises


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Oil Co., doing business as Saudi Aramco, operates as an oil exploration company. The Company focuses on hydrocarbons exploration, production, refining, distribution, and shipping, as well as marketing of crude oil. Saudi Aramco serves customers worldwide.