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Vermilion Short Shots: Technically Vulnerable Stocks

Short Shots is a collection of technically vulnerable charts culled from the Negative Inflecting and Toppy columns within our Weekly Compass report or from various technical screening processes. The charts contained in this report have developed con....
Vermilion Research David
David Nicoski @ Vermilion Research 1 July 2021

RLX Technology: Seizing opportunities to grow within three years

The tobacco industry has refreshed its business model during the modern era. From 2018 to 2020's first three quarters, the e-vapor firm's main operating incomes rose from CNY 130 million to CNY 2.2 billion, with a growth rate of about 1592.3%. Surpri...
Yangni Liu @ EqualOcean 22 March 2021


Consumer Durables & Apparel
RLX Technology Inc. operates as an e-vapor company. The Company offers product development, research, supply chain management, and offline distribution services. RLX Technology serves customers in China.

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