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Zimbabwe Covid-19 report – Accelerating existing structural fragility

Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, Zimbabwe already had 7mn people in both rural and urban areas in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. That being said, it is likely that QE will form part of the stimulus strategy for multiple CBs globally. As marke...
IH Securities
Balamanja Made @ IH Securities 15 June 2020
Zimbabwe Covid-19 report – Accelerating existing structural fragility
Zimbabwe Covid-19 report – Accelerating existing structural fragility

Zimbabwe equity strategy: Valuations lag in real terms

Rampant inflation and a depreciating local currency has created a dislocation between fundamentals and market dynamics on the ZSE. The current Market Cap is ZWL$30.10bn (US$1.92bn using the interbank rate, and US$1.11bn using an OMIR of 27.05 as at 3...
IH Securities Delika
Delika Rama @ IH Securities 4 November 2019

Zimbabwe Consumer Sector: Austerity for prosperity

Although monetary and fiscal policy reforms are expected to yield results in the near to medium-term, the new policies have led to a depreciation of the local ‘RTGS’ dollar. With 90% of bank accounts in Zimbabwe having an average monthly bank balance...
IH Securities Michelle
Michelle Mangwanya @ IH Securities 1 August 2019

Zimbabwe equity strategy 2019

The Zimbabwean economy outperformed its Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) peers as it remained on a nominal upward trajectory in 2018. However, we expect further reforms to diminish national consumption as liquidity remains generally difficult in the short to...
IH Securities Lloyd
Lloyd Mlotshwa @ IH Securities 4 February 2019


Food & Staples Retailing
OK Zimbabwe is a holding company for a consumer oriented group of supermarket retail businesses. The group operates through a national branch network of 33 OK stores, 6 OK Express stores, and 5 Bon Marche outlets. OK Zimbabwe stores carry varied merchandise including groceries, clothing and textiles, houseware goods and furniture targeted to the lower to middle income groups in Zimbabwe.

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