Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank
Rong Viet
11 Apr 2022
Vietnam Strategy: April 2022 – Tailwinds from AGM and earnings season
Rong Viet
30 Mar 2022
Military Commercial: 2022/2023 outlook: Credit growth and credit cost margin are solid growth factors
Rong Viet
11 Mar 2022
Vietnam Strategy: March 2022 – Timing is key
Rong Viet
9 Nov 2021
Vietnam Strategy: November – Expect market to move up but beware of volatility
Rong Viet
9 Sep 2020
Vietnam banks: Service income temporarily hampered; long-term potential intact
Rong Viet
7 Sep 2020
Vietnam strategy – September 2020: Uptrend boosted by 'cheap' money
Rong Viet
6 Aug 2020
Vietnam investment strategy – August 2020: Prudence with macroeconomic outlook
Rong Viet
6 Jul 2020
Vietnam investment strategy – July 2020: Focus on earnings season
Rong Viet
2 Jul 2020
Military Commercial: 2020 AGM update and outlook
Rong Viet
12 May 2020
Vietnam: Central bank urges more timely implementation of forbearance measures
Tellimer Research
16 Apr 2020
The EM and FM banks best able to cope with weaker loan quality
Rong Viet
7 Apr 2020
Vietnam investment strategy – April 2020: Looking at stocks for the long term
Rong Viet
1 Apr 2020
Vietnam: The impact of Covid-19 on banks
Rong Viet
31 Mar 2020
Military Commercial: Desirable FY 19 earnings growth, but more headwinds; cut TP
Rong Viet
6 Feb 2020
Military Commercial: FY 19 review and 2020 outlook
Rong Viet
31 Dec 2019
Vietnam 2020 investment strategy
Tellimer Research
11 Nov 2019
Investors are not giving enough merit to banks in stricter regulatory regimes
Tellimer Research
7 Nov 2019
FM & Small EM Banks: Q3 19 results tracker
Rong Viet
5 Nov 2019
Vietnam investment strategy – November 2019
Rong Viet
17 Oct 2019
Military Commercial: Q3 19: Growth driven by other income
Tellimer Research
11 Oct 2019
Banks Q3 preview: Pakistan, Tanzania, Bangladesh should see strongest yoy growth
Rong Viet
7 Oct 2019
Vietnam banks: CASA and digital payment initiatives
Rong Viet
23 Sep 2019
Potential and challenges for digital banking in Vietnam
Tellimer Research
16 Sep 2019
Banks Q2 results wrap: Africa outperforms Asia
Rong Viet
11 Sep 2019
Vietnam Banks: More sustainable growth underpins stable outlook



Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank offers commercial banking services. The Bank provides services in the areas of personal banking, corporate banking, financial banking, and e-banking. Military Commercial's services include savings accounts, money lending, money transfers, foreign exchange, and money markets.