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Long Hau Corporation: Leasing Long Hau 3 IP will ensure income for next three years

Q4 revenue reached VND184bn (-32% yoy) due to a sharp decline in revenue from the IP leasing segment of 41% yoy. In contrast, warehouse revenue increased by 17% yoy, to VND31bn. Warehouse: Leasable area will increase by 16% yoy (to 114,000 m2) becaus...
Rong Viet Hoang
Hoang Bui @ Rong Viet 14 April 2021

Vietnam Industrial Real Estate: All mixed

Revenue and NPATMI of some popular players increased an average of 20% and 39%, respectively. Growth was dominated by smaller-scale developers (TIP, SIP, VRG, D2D). However, we see growth drivers did not come from leasing activities, for this group. ...
Rong Viet Thu
Thu Pham @ Rong Viet 16 September 2019


Real Estate
Long Hau Corp. operates an industrial park in the southern province of Long An.

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