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Vietnam Strategy: June 2021 – Prepare for new opportunities

The market will move into a "quiet period" once Q1 21 business results are fully released. Meanwhile, April CPI decreased by 0.04% mom, and increased by only 0.89% in 4M 21, indicating that inflationary pressure is not something to worry about yet an...
Rong Viet Lam
Lam Nguyen @ Rong Viet 7 June 2021

Loc Troi Group : Adapting business to cope with Covid-19

LTG's rice revenue in 1Q-2020 decreased compared to the same period as LTG no longer sold un-branded rice and exported rice revenue decreased. Revenue from exports in 1Q-2020 decreased YoY due to a big decline in volume. This year, LTG will export 73...
Rong Viet Hoang
Hoang Bui @ Rong Viet 28 April 2020

Vietnam 2020 investment strategy

Bottom-up, we assess the trends in each sector, while in our stock-by-stock analysis of our entire coverage we provide detailed forecasts, investment rationale and operating risks for the coming year. The impact on market sentiment, therefore, will n...
Rong Viet Tu
Tu Vu @ Rong Viet 31 December 2019

Vietnam Agriculture Sector: Buffeted by headwinds

Unfavourable weather:Low rainfall in 1Q2019 but slight improvement in May. Low fertilizer demand in 1H2019: Driven by fierce competition and poor weather. Coffee, pepper and cashew nuts dropped in price, meaning that demand for fertilizer went down a...
Rong Viet Vu
Vu Tran @ Rong Viet 11 September 2019


Loc Troi Group Joint-Stock Company manufactures agricultural chemicals. The Company offers seeds, pesticides, and bio-organic products. Loc Troi Group also produces rice, fruits, and coffee products, as well as renders packaging services. Loc Troi Group serves clients in Vietnam.

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