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Daily Credit Briefing

Top Credit Stories Anglo American (AALLN) - Positive outlook on BBB rating at S&P Ardagh (ARGID) - Lowers full-year guidance due to cost inflation BASF (BASGR) - Confirms full year guidance with 1Q earnings release Barclays (BACR) - 1...
UniCredit Sven
Sven Kreitmair @ UniCredit 29 April 2022

Euro Credit Pilot - Turmoil on the EU’s doorstep: The effects of the Russia-Ukraine crisis on credit (March 2022)

The European corporate credit market remains driven by developments surrounding the Russia-Ukraine conflict and yield volatility on the back of rising inflationary expectations. That said, in the short term, given the ongoing potential vulnerabilitie...
UniCredit Sven
Sven Kreitmair @ UniCredit 31 March 2022

Euro Credit Pilot - Late credit-cycle extension enters its final phase (December 2021)

As credit enters the next leg of its prolonged late-cycle phase, the environment is becoming more challenging. Rising inflation, higher yields, supply-chain friction and a fourth wave of COVID-19 cases represent key sources of volatility. However, t....
UniCredit Sven
Sven Kreitmair @ UniCredit 16 December 2021

Daily Credit Briefing

Top Credit Stories BCP (BCPPL) - 1H21 profit plunges 84% on large provisions for CHF loans in Poland Enagas (ENGSM) - Revenue affected by new regulatory framework 2021-2026 Gestamp (GESTSM) - Adjusted gross leverage in 1H21 back close to ...
UniCredit Sven
Sven Kreitmair @ UniCredit 27 July 2021

Euro Credit Pilot - Credit remains solid (June 2021)

Inflation concerns will remain on investors’ radar screens in 2H. However, high inflation expectations are not necessarily a bad omen for credit. Notably, amid rising inflation expectations, high-yield non-financial bonds and bank AT1s, given their...
UniCredit Sven
Sven Kreitmair @ UniCredit 17 June 2021

Daily Credit Briefing

Top Credit Stories A2A (AEMSPA) - Strategic partnership with Ardian to accelerate strategic objectives in renewables Banco Santander (SANTAN) - Fitch revises outlook from negative to stable KPN (KPN) - EQT reportedly drops pursuit OMV...
UniCredit Sven
Sven Kreitmair @ UniCredit 9 June 2021


Telecommunication Services
Koninklijke KPN N.V. is a telecommunications and IT provider in the Netherlands, serving both consumer and business customers with its fixed and mobile networks for telephony, broadband and television. The Company offers customers telephone and internet services and solutions in IT services such as cloud, security and workspace. KPN offers third party telecom providers access to its phone networks

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