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iX Biopharma: Multiple share price catalysts

Outlicensing of Wafermine for Phase 3 trials is a major share price catalyst for the company to enter the estimated US$19bn global opioid industry. Operating expenses are assumed largely stable. The next phase is to license the drug for Phase 3 trial...
PhillipCapital Paul
Paul Chew @ PhillipCapital 20 October 2021

iX Biopharma: Initiation – Potency for the long haul

iX Biopharma is a pharmaceutical company with a full suite of operations from the development to commercialisation of specialty pharmaceutical and nutraceutical drugs through its patented sublingual drug delivery system, WaferiX. Since its listing on...
PhillipCapital Tay Wee
Tay Wee Kuang @ PhillipCapital 12 November 2020


Capital Goods
iX Biopharma Ltd is a specialty pharmaceutical company. The Company works primarily on drug delivery and formulation required to reduce the loss of drugs due to hepatic and gastrointestinal metabolism.

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