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Ha Do Group: Hado Charm Villas project is the main driver in 2022

In 2021, HDG recorded revenue and NPAT-MI of VND3,841bn (-23% yoy) and VND1,090bn (+11% yoy), respectively. In Q1 22, HDG would focus on finishing the rough construction of villas and preparing for the third phase of sales in Hado Charm Villas (curre...
Rong Viet Kiet
Kiet Tran @ Rong Viet 15 March 2022

Ha Do Group: Ramping up investment in the energy sector

Generally, HDG's business results are in line with our expectations so far this year. Its major income still came from the deliveries in Iris towers at the Centrosa Garden, as the construction progress exceeded the company’s plan. Energy business: Th...
Rong Viet Duong
Duong Lai @ Rong Viet 17 June 2020

Ha Do Group: Profits exceed FY 19 plans; awaiting 2020 catalysts

Ha Do Group announced its business results for 2019 with revenues of VND4,327bn (+ 34%yoy) and net income of VND842bn (+ 33%yoy). The major contribution to the results in 2019 was still the real estate segment, with an estimated share of 80%. The rem...
Rong Viet Duong
Duong Lai @ Rong Viet 13 February 2020

Vietnam 2020 investment strategy

Bottom-up, we assess the trends in each sector, while in our stock-by-stock analysis of our entire coverage we provide detailed forecasts, investment rationale and operating risks for the coming year. The impact on market sentiment, therefore, will n...
Rong Viet Tu
Tu Vu @ Rong Viet 31 December 2019

Vietnam Real Estate: Every cloud has a silver lining

provide detailed analysis of Nam Long Investment Corp, Dat Xanh Real Estate Services and Construction, Ha Do Group and Vincom Retail. Surging land prices: Land prices skyrocketed across the country by 50% - 300% to capture long-term prospects. Liquid...
Rong Viet Duong
Duong Lai @ Rong Viet 12 September 2019

Ha Do Group: Q1 19 – Residential sales drive revenue; raise target price

HDG has more actively pursued growth and leveraging its scale after the state divestment. The revision factors in the Dakmi 2 plant. In general, we believe HDG is on the right track, increasing its stake in both residential projects and energy plants...
Rong Viet Duong
Duong Lai @ Rong Viet 31 May 2019


Capital Goods
Ha Do Group JSC offers construction services. The Company builds residential projects, power plants, and other projects.

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