Gulf Energy Development PCL


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Bualuang Securities
16 Feb 2024
Gulf Energy Development PCL: Strong 4Q23 core profit, as expected
Bualuang Securities
5 Feb 2024
Thailand: Utilities - How will a scorching hot season affect Utilities sector?
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18 Dec 2023
Thailand: Utilities - 2024 playbook: IPP plays the better bet
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23 Nov 2023
Thailand: Utilities - Read this ahead of PDP public hearing
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10 Nov 2023
Gulf Energy Development PCL: 3Q23 core profit beat estimates!
Bualuang Securities
26 Oct 2023
Thailand: Utilities - Cheap valuations for long-term investment
Bualuang Securities
12 Oct 2023
Gulf Energy Development PCL: Three market misunderstandings
Bualuang Securities
10 Oct 2023
Gulf Energy Development PCL: Still the best Utilities plays
Bualuang Securities
20 Sep 2023
Thailand: Utilities - Opportunity arises from excessive sell down
Bualuang Securities
13 Sep 2023
Gulf Energy Development PCL: Nobody seems to realize that the national grid may face undersupply
Bualuang Securities
25 Jul 2023
Thailand: Utilities - SPP recovery to continue!
Bualuang Securities
30 Jun 2023
Thailand: Utilities - Heads-up: BLS Electrification Day
Bualuang Securities
16 May 2023
Gulf Energy Development PCL: Profits beat our forecasts
Bualuang Securities
17 Feb 2023
Gulf Energy Development PCL: Big beat! New net and core earnings records; strong quarter ahead
Bualuang Securities
27 Jan 2023
Thai: Utilities -A sharply higher Jan-Apr Ft rate super-charges SPPs’ profit
Bualuang Securities
17 Nov 2022
Thailand: Utilities-5.2GW in renewables—the journey’s start, not the destination
Bualuang Securities
14 Nov 2022
Gulf Energy Development PCL: Weak result, but strong outlook
Bualuang Securities
31 Oct 2022
Thailand: Utilities - Soaring gas price—shift to wind and solar
Bualuang Securities
5 Sep 2022
Thailand: Utilities - Who wins most from a higher Ft?
Bualuang Securities
22 Aug 2022
Gulf Energy Development PCL: Thailand’s next Bt1 trillion company?
Bualuang Securities
15 Aug 2022
Gulf Energy Development PCL: Core profit beat!
Bualuang Securities
3 Aug 2022
Thailand: Utilities - Strategy for the power price timebomb
Bualuang Securities
13 May 2022
Gulf Energy Development PCL: Big beat (record high profit)
Bualuang Securities
5 May 2022
Thailand: Utilities - Not good timing to bottom-fish SPPs
Bualuang Securities
7 Apr 2022
Thailand: Utilities - Gas price to rise further; a pause on SPP plays



Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited produces and sells electricity and steam. The Company manages a portfolio of gas-fired and renewable power projects, as well as supplies steam and chilled water. Gulf Energy Development serves customers in Thailand.