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Arena Hospitality Group: Revamped Company Ready for the New Challenges

The 2022 total revenue amounted to HRK 825.3m, an increase of 79% YoY, and 6.1% compared to 2019. EBITDA amounted to HRK 234.9m, an increase of 44% YoY, under the influence of higher OPEX (+104% YoY). The net profit for the year amounted to HRK 36.2m...
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Tea Pevec @ InterCapital 2 March 2023

Arena Hospitality Group: Record quarter despite the macroeconomic environment

In Q3 2022, total revenue amounted to HRK 512.8m, an increase of 43% YoY. Compared to 2019, this is an increase of 21%. EBITDA increased by 68.9% YoY and amounted to HRK 274.6m, while compared to 2019, this is an increase of 10%. Finally, the net inc...
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Tea Pevec @ InterCapital 10 November 2022

Arena Hospitality Group: Strong Top Line Growth with Profitability Recovering

H1 2022 marked the continuation of the travel demand surge already recorded in Q1 2022, with strong occupancy growth and solid increase across all customer segments and Arena’s operating regions. Campsites also contributed 29% of the total revenue mi...
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Tea Pevec @ InterCapital 2 August 2022

Arena Hospitality Group: Gearing Towards a Strong Summer Season

Q1 2022 marked a period of gradual improvement in demand compared to the same period last year, as the travel restrictions across Europe were eased. The performance across all three regions (Croatia, Germany, and CEE region) recorded an improvement, ...
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Tea Pevec @ InterCapital 3 May 2022

Arena Hospitality Group: Cautious recovery in uncertain times

Revenue in 2022 to exceed record 2019 levels, with profitability following closely. Combined, this will drive the occupancy rates, ADR, and accommodation revenue in Croatia above the levels seen in the record 2019. HRK 300m in 2022E, and decreasing t...
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Tea Pevec @ InterCapital 4 April 2022

Croatia: IC Earnings Overview

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Tea Pevec @ InterCapital 8 March 2022


Consumer Services
Arena Hospitality Group d.d. owns and operates a chain of hotels. The Company offers amenities such as events, resorts, spa, and conference rooms, as well as wedding packages and recreational activities. Arena Hospitality Group serves customers worldwide.

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