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Alsea: Quarterly Report 3Q22: Growth accelerates, but with pressures in Europe

Top-line growth was supported by a still-resilient consumer. Europe surprised with higher profitability pressures. Alsea’s profitability drops due to Europe’s margin contraction of 10.6pp, while México and South America improved. Incorporating quarte...
Banorte Marissa
Marissa Garza Ostos @ Banorte 3 November 2022

Alsea: Flash ALSEA: In view of the recovery, Alsea increases its stake in Europe

Alsea announced that, jointly with Bain Capital Credit, it will acquire a 21.1% stake in Food Service Project, its subsidiary in Europe. This transaction represents a total of $110.8 million euros (~US$128.6 million), with Alsea paying 50% for $55.4 ...
Banorte Juan
Juan Barbier @ Banorte 1 October 2021

Alsea: ALSEA, Quarterly Report 2Q21: Faster-than-expected recovery

A report that should be well received by the market, highlighting the profitability progress. This is the result of an increase in consolidated SSS of 67.1% y/y (~90% of 2Q19 SSS) with Mexico growing 86.0% y/y, as a consequence of the reduction of so...
Banorte Marissa
Marissa Garza Ostos @ Banorte 3 August 2021

Alsea: ALSEA, Quarterly Report 1Q21: Greater than expected impact of the pandemic

Alsea's report was weak, with the impact of the sanitary measures being greater than expected. We believe the hardest times are behind us. Revenues declined 15.6% y/y to MXN 10.212 billion, as a result of a 13.3% y/y decline in consolidated SSS (Mexi...
Banorte Valentin III
Valentin III Mendoza Balderas @ Banorte 5 May 2021

Alsea: Flash ALSEA: Extends agreements on covenants of its credit contracts

Alsea informed that it successfully negotiated with all its relationship banks an extension to the suspension granted for the calculation of certain covenants in its credit contracts, mainly in relation to gross leverage and interest coverage ratios....
Banorte Valentin III
Valentin III Mendoza Balderas @ Banorte 15 April 2021

Alsea: ALSEA, Quarterly Report 4Q20: Sequential recovery coupled with margin gains

Despite new lockdown measures, Alsea sales grew 14.2% q/q. Regardless of confinement measures reinstated in all regions, Alsea’s figures continued posting an important sequential recovery. That said, EBITDA fell only by 3.4% y/y to MXN 3.225 billion,...
Banorte Valentin III
Valentin III Mendoza Balderas @ Banorte 3 March 2021


Consumer Services
Alsea S.A.B. de C.V. is a multi-brand operator in Latin America, operating brands from the fast food, cafeteria and casual dining segments.

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