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Alpek: Quarterly Report 3Q22: Well position to face a challenging environment

Octal’s acquisition drove comparable EBITDA to record levels, achieving on comparable basis a 84% y/y increase. Given its financial strength, Alpek could distribute an extraordinary dividend, representing a 4% yield. On track to achieve its 2022 guid...
Banorte Marissa
Marissa Garza Ostos @ Banorte 21 October 2022

Alpek: Quarterly Report 2Q22: Results support Alpek among our top-picks

Another record quarter, boosted by environment dynamics, Octal acquisition, and margins that continue to surprise. Although EBITDA includes a positive effect due to inventory adjustment and raw materials carry-forward effect of ~MXN 2.771 billion ($1...
Banorte Marissa
Marissa Garza Ostos @ Banorte 25 July 2022

Alpek: Quarterly Report 1Q22: Record EBITDA and 2022 guidance to the upside

Favorable price environment and higher than expected margins boosted EBITDA, prices at record levels in both Polyester and Plastic & Chemicals. Alpek increased its 2022 Guidance reaffirming favorable environment dynamics. The results confirmed the co...
Banorte Marissa
Marissa Garza Ostos @ Banorte 9 May 2022

Alpek: Quarterly Report 3Q21: A very favorable environment. Guidance up again

Another quarter that should be well received by the market. After adjusting our estimates and valuation model, we raised our target price for Alpek shares from MXN 25.50 to MXN 32.00, which represents a FV/EBITDA 2022e multiple of 6.0x (similar to th...
Banorte Marissa
Marissa Garza Ostos @ Banorte 22 October 2021

Alpek: ALPEK, Quarterly Report 2Q21: Recovery, profitability and financial strength

Favorable dynamics that should be welcomed by the market. The results underpin Alpek within our selection of companies benefiting from a favorable environment. The company improved its 2021 guidance, and now anticipates EBITDA of US$880 million (+56%...
Banorte Marissa
Marissa Garza Ostos @ Banorte 23 July 2021

Alpek: Flash ALPEK: Acquires CarbonLite recycling facility

ALPEK informed that it has acquired CarbonLite LLC's PET recycling and pelletizing facility in Reading, Pennsylvania, US. The transaction represented an investment of US$96 million (~4% of the company's market value), with no debt, and subject to cus...
Banorte Marissa
Marissa Garza Ostos @ Banorte 7 June 2021


Alpek SAB de CV is a holding company with interests in the petrochemical, plastics, and synthetic fiber industries. The Company produces polyester filament, nylon, lycra, caprolactam ammonium sulphate, polypropylene, DMT/PTA, glycol, solvents, polystyrene, and urethanes.

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