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IDLC-SL Pharma Sector Update: For the quarter ended Q1 FY23

Single digit industry revenue growth in Q1 FY23 can be attributed to the base effect of Q1 FY22. Gross margin fell likely as a result of costly API purchases due to BDT depreciation. Rise in opex to sales is likely the result of inflationary pressure...
IDLC Securities Tanay
Tanay Kumar Roy @ IDLC Securities 13 December 2022
Flash Report / Global

Bangladesh: Manufacturing firms to get relief due to rate cap and tax cut

Manufacturing and industrial companies to enjoy the interest rate cap. We expect this interest rate cap to affect the profitability of several listed companies. Please note that the regulator intended to formulate the policy before the pandemic to re...
IDLC Securities Tanay
Tanay Kumar Roy @ IDLC Securities 12 August 2020

ACME Laboratories: Q3 FY20 earnings decline by c4% yoy despite c17% yoy revenue growth

Contribution from the new projects generated c17% yoy revenue growth. During the first half of FY20, the company generated 14.5% yoy top-line growth on an average. Even though the company generated significant revenue growth and improved gross margin...
IDLC Securities Tanay
Tanay Kumar Roy @ IDLC Securities 9 June 2020

Bangladesh pharmaceuticals: Unique sales trend, rate cap lessen Covid-19 impact

The long holiday ended; business activities cautiously re-opened on 31 May. The 66 days of holiday, which started in late March, comprised 38 days of general holiday (ie lockdowns), 20 weekends, and 8 public holidays. We may see a 20% average increas...
IDLC Securities Tanay
Tanay Kumar Roy @ IDLC Securities 3 June 2020
Flash Report / Bangladesh

Bangladesh Pharma: Minimal impact on sector from Ranitidine restrictions

According to a press report, the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA) of Bangladesh temporarily restricted the import of raw materials from two Indian companies – Saraca Laboratories Limited and Dr Reddy’s Laboratories –for the productio...
IDLC Securities Tanay
Tanay Kumar Roy @ IDLC Securities 30 September 2019

Three reasons to invest in Bangladesh pharmaceuticals now

1) Increase in drug prices; we upgrade RENATA from Hold to Buy. Likewise, SQUARE has increased the prices of three brands, weighing roughly 15% of total sales, by c14% on an average. Therefore, we expect a 100bps expansion in EBITDA margin for SQUARE...
IDLC Securities Tanay
Tanay Kumar Roy @ IDLC Securities 11 September 2019


Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences
The Acme Laboratories Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company. The Company manufactures, fabricates, and processes drugs for therapeutic categories which include anti-infective, cardiovascular, antidiabetics, gastrointestinal, CNS, and respiratory disease among others.

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