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Got Game?

The bulk of the following comments come straight from my notes from yesterday’s BTV hit on The Open show. Energy fears way overdone - UK Nat gas prices have halved in past week; supply chain concerns overdone - China - LA shipping rates have fallen 5...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 15 October 2021

Calling Dr. Copper

It’s not getting any easier is it? CLIMATE: The energy shortfall & resultant price spikes roiling global cross asset markets is just the latest issue du jour. US Manuf PMIs were also strong with capital goods new orders off the charts while Sept Serv...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 8 October 2021

Transition Time

Unsettled markets provide opportunity to establish positions. Amidst the seasonal transition from Summer to Fall, three major market transitions lie ahead: from liquidity driven to earnings driven equity markets; from Growth driven to Cyclical/Value ...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 1 October 2021

Why Be Bearish?

Another week of one step forward, two steps back with ample opportunity to get chopped up. If Evergrande was going to slow the Chinese economy and cause growth to weaken sharply then Commodities would be under lots of pressure right? JPM notes that f...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 24 September 2021

Back to the 1990s

1087 words – a 3 minute read. Importantly, the period was very positive for stocks with ACWI up 19% pa between Jan 1995 and Dec 1999. Regular readers know I believe we are at the beginning of a Big Govt phase stimulated by Covid and accelerated by Cl...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 17 September 2021

The Synchronicity

With a nod to Ray Kurzweil’s famous book: The Singularity Is Near about the fusing of man & machine I would like to note the coming Synchronicity of regional re openings to finally encompass the globe. Hat Tip here to my buddy Jordi Visser at G Weiss...
TPW Advisory Jay
Jay Pelosky @ TPW Advisory 10 September 2021