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J Capital publishes activist research. Their work is based on primary research, fundamental analysis, and forensic accounting. Through this process J Capital seeks to identify companies trading at a significant variance to their intrinsic value.
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Never mind Chinese real estate, LGFVs are the big problem

Things are getting worse, not better: The gap between local government income and expenditure has grown as the year has progressed in 2022. The only avenue for bailout appears to be the central government. We wonder whether the ta...
J Capital Anne
Anne Stevenson-Yang @ J Capital 22 September 2022

Climate Disasters and the Economy Drought-driven power cuts close factories in China’s south

A huge, long-lasting heatwave has devastated China’s Southwest: Factories were closed across the Southwest for a week in August. River transportation has been halved, crop yields and....  
J Capital Anne
Anne Stevenson-Yang @ J Capital 7 September 2022

China's Unemployment Problem

How high is unemployment really? China reports a manageable unemployment rate of 5.4%, a number that has hardly budged since the country began reporting on a new, more comprehensive method of collection in 2018. But press reports ...
J Capital Anne
Anne Stevenson-Yang @ J Capital 30 August 2022

SEC & Threatened Chinese "Concept Stocks"

“Chinese concept” stocks are looking for an out: With the majority of Chinese companies trading on U.S. exchanges identified by the SEC for potential delisting, many are looking for an exit strategy that probably includes sidling ...
J Capital Anne
Anne Stevenson-Yang @ J Capital 9 August 2022

China Primary Insight "Why China Won't Buy More Russian Oil"

"China Primary Insight" : China's trade with Russia Our interviews with buyers of crude oil and semi-precious metals indicate that without settlement in dollars, few companies are able to transact – at any price. Deflation, actually...
J Capital Anne
Anne Stevenson-Yang @ J Capital 5 April 2022

LONG Firefinch (FFX ASX)

The political risk in Mali may have scared investors away from investigating the value of Firefinch (FFX ASX). We believe Firefinch’s lithium asset, Goulamina, alongside its operational gold mine, Morila, is significantly undervalued. We view both t....
J Capital Anne
Anne Stevenson-Yang @ J Capital 23 March 2022