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Coverage: Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
Galt & Taggart is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of Georgia which has a unique insight into the regional market and a solid international investor base.
Location: Georgia

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Georgia's Tourism Market Watch - July 2022

Tourism recovery accelerated significantly in July-22, with revenues hitting record high monthly figure. Total international visitors stood at 597,887 persons – up 158.9% y/y and recovering at 67.8% of 2019 level. This growth was predominantly drive....
Galt & Taggart Kakhaber
Kakhaber Samkurashvili @ Galt & Taggart 16 August 2022

Regional Fixed Income Market Watch - July 2022

Regional sovereign Eurobond market: Risk sentiments toward regional Eurobonds improved in July-22. AZERB 24 was the best performer of the month, followed by GEORGIA 26 among regional sovereign Eurobonds, with yields narrowing by 115.6bps and 78.2bps....
Galt & Taggart Giorgi
Giorgi Iremashvili @ Galt & Taggart 2 August 2022

Electricity Market Watch - 1H22

Electricity consumption increased by 9.8% y/y and reached 7.3TWh in 1H22. The growth was mainly satisfied by growth in hydro generation (+21.1% y/y), attributable to good hydrology of this year. Additionally, import of electricity (-31.1% y/y) was s....
Galt & Taggart Mariam
Mariam Chakhvashvili @ Galt & Taggart 2 August 2022

Monthly Economic Review June-22

Growth: The economic growth remains strong, while it softened to 7.2% y/y in June, after growing by 11.6% y/y in previous month. Cumulatively, in 1H22, the real growth was 10.5% y/y. Considering strong 1H growth and ongoing data, we revise the 2022.....
Galt & Taggart Eva
Eva Bochorishvili @ Galt & Taggart 29 July 2022

Georgian Economy Russia-Ukraine War Impact

Georgian economy has track record of navigating different types of global and regional shocks relatively well. This is supported by a stable macroeconomic environment, prudent monetary and fiscal policies, a business-friendly environment, and a heal....
Galt & Taggart Eva
Eva Bochorishvili @ Galt & Taggart 22 March 2022

Electricity Market Watch - FY21 Update

New companies Tbilisi Electricity Retail Company (Telmico) and EP Georgia Supply appeared on retail market of electricity in July 2021. They got licences as Universal Service Supplier, Public Service Provider and Last Alternative Supplier. Former su....
Galt & Taggart Mariam
Mariam Chakhvashvili @ Galt & Taggart 22 March 2022