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Coverage: Thailand
Bualuang Securities is a subsidiary of Bangkok Bank and is one of the leading securities companies in Thailand. Bualuang Securities provides a full range of securities services including securities and derivatives brokerage and investment banking.
Location: Thailand

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Thailand: Chemical - 2023 playbook: Oversupply looms, be selective

Subdued demand in near-term, recovery expected afterward. Substantial new supply additions to pressure 2023 olefins spreads. Hefty incremental capacity to squeeze 2023 aromatics margins.
Bualuang Securities Suppata
Suppata Srisuk @ Bualuang Securities 9 December 2022

Central Retail Corp PCL: Aggressive Food line expansion

Food line expansion adds scope and scale. Food line a key profit driver, post-reopening recovery. Expansion to drive 2023 profit growth.
Bualuang Securities Chalinee
Chalinee Congmuang @ Bualuang Securities 9 December 2022

Thailand: Agro & Food - Sugar: A hefty slash in 2022/23 global sugar stocks

USDA’s Nov report—a modest YoY rise in 2022/23 production …. … but a YoY drop in global stocks—positive for sugar price. Stronger momentum of global sugar price in recent months.
Bualuang Securities Prasit
Prasit Sujiravorakul @ Bualuang Securities 8 December 2022

Thailand: Beverage - Better, but not the best

Better outlook, but not the best. A stable market share for CBG; OSP to struggle to rebuild share. We prefer CBG over OSP.
Bualuang Securities Kalvalee
Kalvalee Thongsomaung @ Bualuang Securities 8 December 2022

Ngern Tid Lor: Digital platform driving profit growth

No concerns over intensifying competition. Effect of higher funding costs to be mitigated by a higher yield. Ongoing solid insurance premium sales expansion.
Bualuang Securities Poramet
Poramet Tongbua @ Bualuang Securities 8 December 2022

Thai: Technology - The shield (value) may be as important as the sword (growth)

Earnings momentum in 4Q22. Who will be the growth leader in 2023? Growth and value can walk together.
Bualuang Securities Napon
Napon Jaisan @ Bualuang Securities 7 December 2022