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Xpeng's P5 is the next killer model in China's booming EV space

  • Xpeng released its third model – P5 – on April 14

  • The P5 model's selling points include its 'city pilot' equipped with lidars and huge interior space

  • At the moment, the market for P5 lacks competitive smart EVs

Niko Yang
Niko Yang

Senior Analyst

27 May 2021
Published byEqualOcean

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The number of reservation orders for P5 exceeded 10,000 in 53 hours after Xpeng opened the booking session on April 19, 2021.

Xiaopeng automobile

On April 14, 2021, Xpeng (XPEV) rolled out its third model, the P5. The sedan features lidar and the 'third place' concept, which refers to a room separate from home ('first place') and the workplace ('second place'). A good time to look at the company through the prism of the newly launched vehicle.

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Xpeng actively promotes four main features of the P5: the upgraded lidar application, NGP 3.5 (Navigation Guided Pilot), the third place – and the driving range. Here we will explain these aspects in order.

Following the course of the P5

Many in the industry called 2020 'the NEV year.' Logically, 2021 may well be the year of lidar. Almost all the EV brands except Tesla are embracing lidar technology. Xpeng claimed that the P5 model would be the first mass-produced EV equipped with lidar worldwide. At present, the device is priced high – starting from USD 500 per unit – and is mainly used in luxury cars such as Audi A8 and Benz S-Class. To make the lidar affordable, Xpeng chose to incorporate with Livox, a company incubated by the world's largest drone maker DJI. Xpeng opted to install two lidars below the front lights, enabling P5 to detect cars or motorcycles muscling into the traffic column.

What's more, the NGP will be accessible with lidar. The most exciting feature of the 3.5 version is the city pilot function. 

Xpeng is also heavily advertising 'the third place.' The P5 has a length of 4.8 m and a wheelbase of 2.8 m, creating ample space and reaching the level of mainstream B-class cars. It also has a 1.5-meter transparent ceiling and is equipped with recliners. On top of its voice-controlled operating system, these functions can boost the user experience.

P5's driving range is up to NEDC 600 kilometers, which is quite competitive, given that the P5 is an affordable sedan. Although the prices of the P5 model have not been disclosed yet...

To read the full article for free, please click here.