Morning Note /

Weekly bulletin - 13 September - 17 September

    Mihail Dimitrov
    Martin Dimitrov
    First Financial Brokerage House
    20 September 2021

    The local indexes slipped over the past week, where SOFIX shrank by 1.2% to 556.43. The top gainer within our universe was Alcomet (A4L, BGN 10.00, +9.03%), which finalised an investment, with next being CEZ Distribution (CEZD, BGN 308.00, +7.7%), whose minority shareholders are expecting a more favourable tender offer. On the opposite side, top decline was by the excluded from SOFIX Gradus (GR6, BGN 1.27,-9.9%), with next being Neochim (NEOH, BGN 24.80, -8.1%). The most traded names were Sopharma (SFA, BGN 3.70, +1.1%), Allterco (A4L, BGN 17.90, +4.1%), and Telelink Business Services (TBS, BGN 16.30, -2.4%), followed by the new SOFIX members Industrial Holding Bulgaria (IHB, BGN 1.99, +0.5%) and Sopharma Trading (SFT, BGN 3.70, +1.1%).