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Tellimer’s emerging markets fintech library – the holiday edition

  • We add 83 reports to our fintech library, bringing the total to 150, with a mix of top-down and company-specific studies

  • Our collection covers the full gamut of emerging market fintech developments, catalogued by geography, sector and topic

  • Genres generating most reader interest include our ultimate guides, financial inclusion, listed fintechs, cryptocurrency

Tellimer’s emerging markets fintech library – the holiday edition
Rahul Shah
Rahul Shah

Head of Corporate & Thematic Research

Rabail Adwani
Rohit Kumar
Tellimer Research
19 December 2021
Published byTellimer Research

Ahead of the holiday season, we have restocked our fintech library with 83 publications, bringing the total to 150. Tellimer clients are welcome to browse our shelves at their leisure. We present the full list of new arrivals at the end of this report.

The five topics generating the most reader interest

The latest additions to our fintech library’s shelves cover a broad range of emerging market fintech issues. The topics generating the most reader interest include our ultimate guides, listed fintech firms, financial inclusion, and cryptocurrency.

Tellimer fintech library: most-read topics


Our ten best-read fintech reports

Looking at individual reports, we highlight our ten best-read reports over the past nine months below. By geography, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt and Africa feature heavily, with payments, crypto, fund-raising and financial inclusion being key themes of interest.

  1. The ultimate guide to Pakistan fintech

  2. Why Nigeria is the favourite market in Africa for fintech investors

  3. The ultimate guide to Egypt fintech

  4. Digital payments infrastructure: 10 listed EM companies to watch

  5. How technology can boost financial inclusion and which markets will benefit

  6. Cryptocurrency moves further mainstream; emerging markets could benefit most

  7. Africa digital payments: telco spin-offs to forge more listed investment options

  8. Africa fintech: Start-up funding trends - Nigeria tops the list

  9. The best-funded African fintech start-ups of 2020

  10. 10 best Emerging Market tech stocks in 2021 so far 


Snapshots of our fintech work over the past nine months

By geography, our reports have focused on global topics, with also a strong weight in Asia (notably China, India, and Pakistan) and Africa (particularly Egypt and Nigeria). Readership has been more heavily skewed towards our African product, with funding being a key area of interest.

Tellimer fintech library: geographical snapshot of our reports



By fintech sector, around half of our output has been prepared at the overall industry level. The individual sector we have most actively covered is payments. Readers have tended to favour our industry-wide studies.

Tellimer fintech library: sectoral snapshot of our reports

Slicing our output in a third way, we have covered a wide range of topics in the nine months since our last library update. Our ultimate guides (covering particular markets or sectors in-depth) continue to be popular with our readers. Other sought-after topics include listed fintechs and fund-raising.

Tellimer fintech library: snapshot of our reports by topic



We list below the 83 additions to our library, with hyperlinks. As always, we welcome your feedback. Thanks for your support over the past year and best wishes for 2022. Happy reading!












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