Q4 20 preview – Global aluminium price recovery to bolster performance

  • Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA) will report Q4 20 results on 10 February 2021
  • We expect 121% qoq increase in gross profit due to 10% qoq increase in net sales despite 1% qoq lower volumes
  • This should result in a net profit of BHD29.9mn in Q4 20 compared to a net loss of BHD11.6mn in Q3 20

Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA) will report Q4 20 results on 10 Feb 2021. We expect the company to post a net profit of BHD29.9mn for the quarter. This compares to a net loss of BHD11.6mn in Q3 20 and a net profit of BHD13.8mn in Q4 19.

During the quarter, aluminium prices rose 11% qoq to close 2020 at US$1,980. This was due to increased demand in the US and China, as economic and industrial activities recovered. Meanwhile, production remained stable; up by 2% to 16.4 million tonnes (mt) in Q4 20.  

We expect a 121% qoq increase in gross profit primarily due to 10% qoq increase in net sales. Following the increase in global aluminium prices, we estimate that Alba's realised prices averaged US$1,980/tonne in Q4 20 as compared to US$1,777/tonne in Q3 20. This offset slightly lower volumes sold in the quarter, which dipped 1% qoq to 388 kilo tonnes (kt). We estimate the lower volumes will keep cost of sales slightly lower in the quarter (-2% qoq), as per tonne costs of energy and labour remained relatively flat at US$409/tonne and US$83/tonne, respectively. The above changes translate into a gross profit estimate of BHD56.7mn in Q4 20 versus BHD25.7mn in Q3 20.

Q4 20 opex and finance costs could be lower than in Q3 20. According to our estimates, Alba’s operating expenses (excluding FX and/or revaluation gains/losses) should print 1% qoq lower to BHD18.3mn in Q4 20. Moreover, we expect BHD8.5mn finance costs in Q4 20 (versus BHD9.9mn in Q3 20). This should result in pre-tax profit of BHD30.2mn in Q4 20 versus pre-tax loss of BHD11.1mn in Q3 20 (see table below for details).

ALBA trades at 2020f P/E of 92.8x and 2020f EV/EBITDA of 8.9x versus its 5-year median of 11.1x and 6.6x, respectively.

ALBH BI: Financial summary (year-end, December)

ALBH BI: Key metrics

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