Q1 21 – Cost management leads to an improved quarter
    May 6th, 2021
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    Fundamental analysis is a financial analysis of industries and companies based on factors such as sales, assets, profit, products or services, markets and management. In conducting fundamental analysis, InterCapital Securities Ltd uses various methods to determine a value of the Issuer. Among the rest, analysis of comparable companies, discounted cash flow and other methods are being used. Although InterCapital Securities Ltd uses models commonly accepted in the financial industry and theory, the results of these models depend on plans and information obtained from the Issuer as well as subjective opinions of analysts. The company InterCapital Securities Ltd. acts as a market maker for ADPLRA ZA, PODRRA ZA, HTRA ZA, KOEIRA ZA, ARNTRA ZA, ATGRRA ZA, RIVPRA ZA, ADRSPA ZA, ADRSRA ZA, KRKG SV, ZVTG SV, PETG SV, POSR SV.

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