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Poland: PiS-led Sejm does end up passing anti-TVN bill, Senate to make changes

    11 August 2021
    • Sejm had voted to adjourn to Sep 2, but PiS got the Sejm speaker to repeat the adjournment vote after pressing upon -- i.e., 'buying' -- the vote of two Kukiz MPs
    • Sejm then voted to continue current session
    • Later, anti-TVN vote was passed with 228 MPs for, 216 against, 10 abstentions, and 6 non votes
    • Opposition-dominated Senate is sure to amend bill
    • Sejm will thus have to vote again, likely in around 30 days
    • US govt reportedly wants to talk with Polish counterparts today
    • If bill does finally pass and Discovery is forced to sell USD 2bn stake in TVN, US punishment is likely