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Pfizer's Covid pill speeds up tourism recovery in emerging markets

  • Pfizer claims its Covid Paxlovid pill cuts hospitalisation risk by 89% if taken within 3 days of the symptoms

  • Alongside rising Covid vaccination rates this should help the recovery of tourism in emerging markets

  • Thailand offers most liquid, relatively cheap exposure; frontiers Georgia, Jamaica, Jordan and Mauritius are also cheap

Pfizer's Covid pill speeds up tourism recovery in emerging markets
Hasnain Malik
Hasnain Malik

Strategy & Head of Equity Research

Tellimer Research
7 November 2021
Published byTellimer Research

The Pfizer announcement on 5 November that its its anti-Covid "Paxlovid" pill cuts hospitalisation risk by 89% if taken within 3 days of the symptoms should provide another boost to the prospects for tourism recovery in emerging markets. This follows increasing full vaccination rates and the stuttering re-opening of international travel.

In a year when the battle between commodity exporter and technology-heavy equity markets has dominated emerging market equity portfolio strategy choices, tourism exposure has been somewhat left behind.

There are a number of emerging market economies with over 5% direct exposure to tourism (and indirect contribution – eg spillover to retail and real estate – is perhaps 2-3x the direct contribution).

Thailand offers the most liquid (over US$2bn average daily value traded), relatively cheap exposure (in terms of PB versus history). Philippines (US$115mn ADV) looks particularly cheap.

In very small Frontiers, Georgia, Jamaica, Jordan and Mauritius are also relatively cheap (we exclude Sri Lanka because of its high FX rate risk).

Countries suffering from high imported food prices, such as Egypt and Tunisia, may see an offset from tourism recovery over time. 

Meanwhile, Croatia, Dubai and Morocco look relatively expensive.

Tourism recovery post-Covid: relatively cheaper exposure in exposed emerging equity markets, eg Thailand

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