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Silverlake Axis Ltd: New cloud driver and recovery in bank spending

  • Banking customers can deploy MOBIUS to launch new digital loan and deposit products in a more rapid and targeted manner.

  • Silverlake’s recurring maintenance revenue contributed to 72% of FY21 revenue

  • Our target price is pegged to 20x P/E FY22e

Glenn Thum
Glenn Thum

Research Analyst

6 June 2022
Published byPhillipCapital

Company Background

Silverlake Axis Ltd provides customized software solutions and core banking systems. It provides digital economy software solutions and services to the banking, insurance, payment, retail and logistics industries. To date, it has been the banking solutions provider for 40% of the 20 largest banks in Southeast Asia. As at Dec 2021, the balance sheet is in a net cash position of RM493mn (S$154mn).

Investment Merits

1.       MOBIUS banking platform is the differentiator. Launched in 2020, Silverlake’s MOBIUS cloud banking software allows banks to roll over new digital products in a targeted and timely manner. Banks can utilise the MOBIUS allows banks to co-exist with existing core banking software and propel them to new digital products (Figure 1). Potential uses of MOBIUS include new digital products in credit cards, debit cards, personal loans and deposits. Cloud based software avoids the need for banks to purchase and manage hardware assets. Silverlake recently signed a deal with one of the largest banks in Thailand and is continuing to see increasing inquiries in the region. We expect MOBIUS to generate almost RM100mn of orders over the next two years.

2.       Stable recurring revenue despite the pandemic. Silverlake’s recurring maintenance and enhancement revenue contributed to 72% of FY21 revenue and it grew at a CAGR of 4% despite the COVID-19 pandemic (Figure 2). Silverlake’s core banking software (Silverlake Integrated Banking Solution or SIBS) and continuous maintenance and enhancement provide a steady stream of recurring business for the group. SIBS provides core accounting and compliance. With the opening of borders and economies in ASEAN, we should expect Silverlake’s customers to increase their IT spending to accelerate their digitalisation plans to grow.

3.       Record order backlog. Silverlake has a long track record and a proven client base in Southeast Asia. 3 of the 5 largest Southeast Asian based financial institutions use its core banking platform, and it has largely retained all its clients since bringing them on board its platform. Silverlake’s project pipeline is healthy, at RM1.7bn, with a record-high order backlog of RM450mn, a 50% YoY increase. This should keep them busy for the next 1 to 2 years. Silverlake is beginning to close more deals and is witnessing an uptick in inquiries about its financial services market solutions and capabilities. Silverlake should be able to secure its foothold in ASEAN and look to expand into other regions.


Silverlake has several revenue segments: 1) Software licensing (making up 6% of FY21 revenue); 2) Software project services (11%); 3) Maintenance and enhancement services (76%); 4) Sale of software and hardware projects (2%); and 5) Software-as-a-Service (6%).

Software licensing: Silverlake is a digital economy solutions provider to the financial services, retail, and logistics industries. The group’s main products include Silverlake Axis Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS) and Silverlake Digital Banking MÖBIUS Open Banking Platform (SDE). Revenue from software licensing fell 29% YoY in FY21 as customers continue to be cautious in committing to significant new software licensing deals in the first 3 quarters of FY21. Significant new software licensing deals began to pick up in 4Q21 and it is anticipated that this will continue through to FY22.

Software project services: Silverlake’s software project services business is related to the provision of software customisation and implementation services to deliver the core banking, payment, and retail solutions. Software project services revenue declined 12% YoY in FY21 as several key projects were completed, nearing completion or delayed due to client requests. Nonetheless, the decrease in FY21 was mitigated by smaller scale contracts for SIBS technology refresh contracts secured in Malaysia in 2H20 and new MÖBIUS and banking implementation contracts secured in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia in 2H21.

Maintenance and enhancement services: This segment is where Silverlake provides round-the-clock software support services as well as enhancement services to support its customers in the delivery and execution of their strategies in making available new capabilities to them. These capabilities can be in the areas of new channels, to augment customer experience and address any new regulatory and emerging governance, risk, and compliance requirements. This segment recorded a growth of 10% YoY in FY21 due to new maintenance contracts secured as well as revision of maintenance fees for existing contracts.

Sale of software and hardware projects: This refers to Silverlake’s non-proprietary software and where its acts as a reseller to customers who require bundled one-stop solutions. The Group is an authorised reseller of IBM hardware and system software in Malaysia. Hardware sales are seasonal by nature and dependent on the requirements and specifications to support the implementation of new or enhancement of existing systems. This segment declined by 60% YoY in FY21, and the lower sales were due to the deferment of capital expenditure during the pandemic period as well as they wait for the launch of the latest IBM iSeries in September 2021.

Software-as-a-Service: This segment consists of insurance processing, where Silverlake’s Merimen built platform processes insurance claims and premiums, and retail, and where Silverlake is a cloud-based SaaS solution provider in the retail industry. Software-as-a-Service revenue for Insurance processing was flat in FY21 while Retail processing grew 47% YoY in FY21 as the Group pivots to SaaS offerings to the larger SME market.