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MY : Strategy - No change to KLCI index constituents but...

    Ivy Ng Lee
    Ivy Ng Lee

    Head of Malaysia Research, Regional Head of Agribusiness

    3 June 2022
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    In its semi-annual review, FTSE revealed no change to KLCI constituents against our prediction that Westports could replace Inari. The discrepancy is likely due to the exclusion of Hap Seng from the market cap ranking, which raised Inari’s market cap rank to 35th instead of 36th. The exclusion of Press Metal and Inari from the FBM Hijrah Shariah index is likely to be of interest to the market due to their large market cap sizes. There were eight additions/removals from FBM70, which will likely lead to some trading activities when the changes take effect on 20 Jun 2022.