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Morocco: Overview of political parties and main policy implications of govt change

    14 September 2021
    • National Rally of Independents - RNI (Liberal), 102 seats (in the 395-member assembly). The party has participated in few of the preceding governments, and has been in charge of key portfolios like agriculture, finance, industry and tourism. Under the constitution, king Mohammed VI named the party's leader billionaire businessman Aziz Akhannouch as PM. He is in charge of proposing cabinet ministers.
    • Authenticity and Modernity Party - PAM (Liberal), 86 seats. While it lost some seats, the party retained its place as the second largest parliamentary party. In contrast to RNI, so far it has always been in opposition, though it did declare readiness to participate in talks on the formation of a government. Its relations with RNI have not been warm, with PAM's leader recently accusing RNI in illicit use of funds during the poll campaign (a sentiment also shared by PPS and PJD). Hence, the party is yet to make a choice between remaining in opposition vs. taking part in a ruling coalition led by RNI.
    • Istiqlal Party or shortly PI, 81 seats, centre-right Also opposition in the previous legislature
    • Socialist Union of Popular Forces - USFP, 35 seats, part of the outgoing coalition, in good relations with RNI
    • Popular Movement, MP, 29 seats, conservative, part of the outgoing coalition
    • Party of Progress and Socialism - PPS, 21 seats, socialist, part of the outgoing coalition
    • Constitutional Union - UC, 18 seats, liberal, part of the outgoing coalition
    • Islamist Justice and Development Party - PJD, 13 seats, the largest party in the outgoing coalition, at the helm of the country for more than a decade. Its loss was to a large extent expected, given long-standing internal disagreements and the overall unfavorable period (pandemic and drought resulted in close to 7% contraction last year), albeit not by such a large margin. It is the only party so far, which has signaled it will not seek to join the next government and will remain in opposition.
    • Other parties, 10 seats