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Morning Bulletin - 9 March 2022

    Mihail Dimitrov
    Martin Dimitrov
    First Financial Brokerage House
    9 March 2022

    SOFIX (547.27) slightly recovered on Tuesday by adding 1.54% as 6 out of 15 members rebounded. Chimimport (CHIM, BGN 0.78, +8.94%) and Alterco (A4L, BGN 16.00, +8.84%) surged the most within the benchmark in this trading session. The tourist company Albena (ALB, BGN 29.00, -2.03%) and Sopharma Trading (SFT, BGN 4.42, -1.78%) continued to move down as the participants gave no credit to the sectors. BGREIT (164.80, -0.16%) finished alone on the negative territory reflecting the negative outcome of real estate names in this session. The volumes on the other hand slipped and remained below the 15-days average.