Morning Note /

Morning Bulletin - 6 October 2021

    Mihail Dimitrov
    Martin Dimitrov
    First Financial Brokerage House
    6 October 2021

    The local indexes advanced slightly with regular turnover on Tuesday, where SOFIX added 0.50% to 573.55. The top gainer within the main index was Industrial Holding Bulgaria (IHB, BGN 1.97, +5.35%), with next being Sopharma (SFA, BGN 3.90, +3.17%) and Chimimport (CHIM, BGN 0.904, + 2.49%). On the opposite side, the top movers were Doverie United Holding (DUH, BGN 7.26, -3.20%), First Investment Bank (FIB, BGN 1.60, -3.03%), and Telelink Business Services Group (TBS, BGN 16.20, -2.41%). The most traded throughout the session was Doverie United Holding, which booked multiple various in size trades, with next being Allterco (A4L, BGN 20.20, 0.00%) and Sopharma Trading (SFT, BGN 4.92, -0.81%). BGREIT slipped by 0.53% to 160.90, with the decline being mostly on Intercapital Property Development REIT (ICPD, BGN 0.80, -12.09%).